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Neglecting Your Filter Can Lead to Furnace Repairs, Here’s How

Your furnace works, sure, but how well does it work? How often do you have to call for repairs? The reason behind a lot of inefficiencies in your furnace and perhaps the culprit behind some of the repairs could be airflow restrictions, which happens when you neglect your air filter.

We’ve handled a lot of furnace repair in Huntington Beach in the past, and the amount of problems we see that stem from airflow is simply too high. Let’s talk about how simply changing out your air filter on a regular basis can make a huge impact on your ongoing energy costs.

Reduced Efficiency and Increased Workload All at Once

Your furnace needs that flow of fresh air. Without it, dust, dirt, and debris accumulate over time, clinging to the inside of your system. As all of this layers on, it thickens and restricts airflow, forcing your furnace to work harder just to hit the desired temperature you set on the thermostat.

In a nutshell, reduced airflow means less efficient heating cycles. Your system has to stay on and fire up for longer spans of time to make up for it, which means you’re spending more money to keep the heater running for longer, and there’s no need for it all.

Bad Overheating Problems

It’s a furnace, so how could it overheat? Well, it turns out it can–when your air filter is clogged and there’s simply not enough airflow, it increases the temperature in your entire furnace, which bleeds into the electrical components as well.

In general, melting wires is a pretty bad thing. When your furnace overheats, it can cause stress on your blower motor, the heat exchanger, and other critical components. It’s not an immediate death sentence for your furnace, but it surely doesn’t help it operate smoothly.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

While your air filter isn’t designed to capture dust and debris as an IAQ measure, it still helps to reduce the particulate matter you breathe in on a daily basis. When you don’t change your filter out frequently enough, all that dust and debris that your furnace tries to suck it? It just floats around in the air, and you end up breathing it in. Swapping out your air filter is also a slightly less direct way to manage your indoor air quality.

Change Your Filter Every 30-90 Days

Your air filter isn’t only supposed to get swapped out every time you have maintenance. Whether that’s once or twice a year. Depending on use, it needs to be swapped out every 30-90 days. Most of the time, 30 days is a good rule of thumb. That way you can plan out your annual filter costs and set a once-monthly reminder to switch it out.

Let’s Fix That Furnace

Whether the problem you’re facing is caused by a clogged air filter or not, we’re ready to help. Let’s take care of that furnace problem as soon as possible so you don’t have to be concerned with anything else for the time being.

Contact us today to schedule your furnace repairs as soon as possible.

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