5 star ratingWe just moved into our first home this past May. The HVAC system was new as it was part of our contingency to get it replaced. Everything was cool for the most part in the beginning but for the past couple of weeks I started to noticed the air flow not being as strong and not as cold even when the cool setting was at 60 degrees! Fast forward to this past Wednesday... I had enough and decided to Yelp AC repair. Southwest HVAC was the first to reply within 5 minutes and we set up the appointment for today, Saturday. Talk about speedy service!!! Anyway, Fabian - the HVAC Tech who came out to help save our lives during this heat wave was able to solve the issue within 10 minutes. He showed us where and how to change the air filter and recommended for a larger air return (kind of difficult due to placement of return). The fact that he was able to recommend solutions just displayed his knowledge. Our place is now suppper cool. Decided to sign up for the annual membership service to get our HVAC maintained by them. I mean you just have to keep your HVAC system maintained if you live in California. Definitely recommend this company especially Fabian! Thanks, guys!!!

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Jan M.

AC Maintenance Lakewood

At Southwest HVAC, we help residents and business owners avoid costly AC faults and unwanted downtime. If you're searching for an HVAC contractor that will ensure your air conditioner is ready for Lakewood's hot summer months, call Southwest HVAC to arrange your first appointment. We prioritize offering professional and cost-effective maintenance services to Lakewood business owners, residents, and property managers!

The Best Lakewood AC Maintenance Company

If you want your Lakewood air conditioner's performance and condition to be protected, you need an AC maintenance company that cares about the quality of its work. At Southwest HVAC, we offer the most comprehensive maintenance services in the Lakewood area.

Our AC technicians specialize in assessing the condition of your air conditioner. They'll explore every component in your system and repair or replace parts that are at risk of failing. We can also change air filters and perform a range of other maintenance tasks for our Lakewood clients!

We Can Service All Types of Air Conditioners in Lakewood

At Southwest HVAC, our experience in the HVAC industry means we're uniquely capable of servicing all types of air conditioner models and designs. If you have a niche AC brand in your home, our team has the expertise to ensure it's in top working condition. If you have any questions about your specific AC brand, feel free to call our Lakewood AC technicians!

Does Your Lakewood AC Need Maintenance?

All air conditioners require routine maintenance. If you're not currently maintaining your air conditioner, you're putting yourself at risk of performance problems and breakdowns. Also, routine maintenance can help you improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, which can reduce your annual energy expenses.

Don't wait another day to protect your air conditioning system in Lakewood. The sooner you contact Southwest HVAC, the quicker you can rest assured that you won't suffer from severe AC issues this summer!

Start Maintaining Your Lakewood Air Conditioner Today!

Lakewood HVAC maintenance has never been more accessible. We understand that air conditioning maintenance services need to be quick, affordable, and effective. Southwest HVAC's technicians have years of protecting Lakewood air conditioners from performance problems, energy inefficiencies, and malfunctions!

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