5 star ratingAfter much research and many quotes, we landed on Southwest HVAC to install our AC! The previous owner had installed heat but no AC so we had to work around what was already there- Tommy came within the promised time window, listened to our concerns and walked us through our options in great detail with visual aids! Not only does this company not take a cent until the job is done, but they have helpful warranties and a promise of response time within 24 hours whenever an issue arises! Tommy had a chance to prove this responsiveness during the installation- due to some confusion with city regulations, the technician and workers placed the unit in the wrong place and Tommy came back at the end of a very long day to talk us down and then had a crew back out first thing the next morning to move it where it needed to be! Hoping we don't have so many problems in the future to keep testing that, haha, but it feels good to know we have a project manager who has our back, takes our calls, and shows up for us! Thanks Tommy!

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Marisa E.

AC Maintenance Downey

At Southwest HVAC, we provide much more than just AC repair and replacement services. Our maintenance team is here to help you extend the lifespan of your AC system. Our routine visits will ensure that your AC is always working at its full capacity.

Don’t wait another day to schedule AC maintenance in Downey. Call our office now, and we can arrange your first visit from one our HVAC experts!

Improve AC Performance and Longevity in Downey!

AC maintenance is one of the best home services for property owners that want to reduce exposure to unnecessary HVAC repairs. So, what are the primary benefits associated with our maintenance solutions?

• Your Air Conditioner’s Lifespan Can Increase
• Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Consumption Can Decrease
• You Can Avoid Major AC Issues
• You Can Ensure Your AC is Ready for Summer Heat

AC Maintenance Service in Downey

If you want to service your air conditioner, you need to work with an HVAC maintenance team that has experience inspecting and repairing air conditioning systems. At Southwest HVAC, we have a decade of experience inspecting all types of air conditioners and their ancillary parts. We can diagnose AC issues before they turn into major problems.

Our team is always ready to fix any problems that we find in your system. We can adjust faulty system components, replace filters, and more!

Why Choose Southwest HVAC for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Downey?

• We’ve helped countless Downey residents maintain their air conditioners.
• We offer custom maintenance schedules.
• We provide affordable, transparent AC maintenance prices.
• We guarantee the quality of our work.
• We never charge for Downey AC maintenance estimates.
• We have more than a decade of experience.

Call Today or Request Downey HVAC Maintenance Online

If you’re searching for AC maintenance services from a reliable HVAC contractor in the Downey area, we’re always available to help. Best of all, our team can also provide AC repair and replacement if there are any major faults in your system. We never charge our clients for maintenance quotes, so feel free to call our Downey office for a no-cost estimate!

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