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5 star ratingI had Southwest HVAC install my system less than a year ago, and everything has been great! They were the most competitive quote and thoroughly went through the details for my system installation. BY far they are the company you want to use for your system. They were extremely flexible with me during the installation and also ensured that that installation was not delayed. The technicians were extremely respectful of the customer and also ensured that they cleaned up at the end of the day before the left. Great customer service, professional installation, and extremely competitive pricing.

Ernesto M. S. Avatar
Ernesto M. S.

5 star ratingJust had them in for a non-working air-con unit. Turns out it just needed a reset, but they did it quickly, gave the unit a quick service and talked us through future service options. Very friendly, professional, and helpful!Just call them and make an appt!

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Nathan L.

5 star ratingExcellent company. I had another HVAC company look at it first, and the other company claimed it would cost a lot more to fix our central heater problem. Mark came by and handled the issue in 30 minutes. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand what caused the problem with our heater in terms I could fully understand.Every question I had it became clear Mark was very highly trained and knows his stuff. The reviews on Yelp are accurate. I'm skeptical when everyone gives a company good reviews, but Mark and Southwest HVAC have proven to me they reflect the quality of their service and the high reviews are indeed accurate. I will only use this company for any HVAC concerns in the future. Thanks for the great service and peace of mind!

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Ryan S.

5 star ratingI decided to go with Southwest after having received 3 quotes, one of them having been Costco.  I dealt with Albert, the Project Manager, throughout the entire process. Albert provided us with excellent customer service! He was always available to us in case we had questions, and even made daily visits to make sure everything was going as planned. I also really liked that Albert took the time to come by and suggest where vents should be placed for better air/heating distribution.  He's definitely someone I'd refer all my friends and family to. The installation crew was great, especially Alex! They were very neat, organized, efficient, and punctual. I was mostly impressed with how neat everything looked in my attic! Everything was pinned up securely and nicely! I almost forgot to mention that they also took care of removing my old outdated wall heating unit. They patched it up and  color matched my walls, leaving it like there was nothing ever there! Impressive. Did I mention all this was done in 4 days!? I'm telling you, this company definitely knows what they're doing and has it all together. Nothing left for me to do but sit back and enjoy my HVAC system.

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Jose G.

5 star ratingOh yes! SouthWest HVAC makes me soooo Hot and Cool!  I am the proud owner of a new AC in my cute little Redondo Beach home and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. I received 5 other quotes, prior to choosing Southwest to install my A/C. Southwest was the most reasonably priced and the most professional.  Cheaper and More Professional... Yes, please! #WINNING! Angel came out to bid my job and he was so helpful and patient in explaining the entire process, offering up different options.  He certainly didn't come off like a sleazy used car salesman (like some of the other companies); he was there to EARN my business. A for you, Mr. Angel. =)Now for the installation itself. What a great experience!  Edwin, the installation lead, was soooooo awesome.  SouthWest is certainly lucky to have him.  He was extremely professional and very tidy.  They put down drop cloths to protect my wood floors and to not track dirt throughout my house (especially since we don't wear shoes inside).   He ensured that all the holes, wiring, and additional piping/ducts were all neat and tidy.  If you didn't know that I installed A/C I bet you would overlook the pipes on the outside of the house. It looks like a drainpipe and blends perfectly to the outside of my home. Yay for aesthetics! I was so very impressed with their attention to detail. A+++for you, Edwin! Okay, I'll admit it.... I am not the easiest of customers.  I know exactly what I want and how I want it.  But that didn't deter the owner, Julio, at all.  He was very accommodating throughout the process.  We ran into a couple of issues along the way, but Julio, happily handled each hurdle as it came along.  Professionalism, at its finest. SouthWest HVAC far exceeded my expectations.  Call them if you want to get HOT and COOL too!

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Tiffany M.

5 star ratingThis crew is absolutely the best. The quote included everything. We live in Long Beach, so it included pulling permits before and waiting for the inspection after. The other company wanted $1000 just for the permit. I can see why cuz the city is a royal pain to deal with. At any rate, the two guys who did the installation did all the duct work, vents and installation of the unit in just 2 days! Then they had an independent company do the Hertz testing, It went so smooth. Professional from beginning to end!

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Helen T.

5 star ratingYeah! My AC Unit is finally complete! So I wanted to update my review once my unit was completely finished and passed inspection. I also wanted to update my review with how the company ended up handling my account. As mentioned in my last update, many things were a mess and I had a new person working on my account with Southwest. The new person's name is Eduard who I have to say did an excellent job! Like I mentioned before, when he took over the account, he made sure to maintain communication (which I think is really important) and he was very on top of things when it came to setting appointment times and issues I had with the scheduling department (referring to the lack of phone call I was supposed to receive to get a fix done for the 2nd inspection). He also handled dealing with the city I live in which I greatly appreciate since I had tried to set my first appointment myself and hated even dealing with the city since their employees are amongst the worst I've ever spoken to. He even sorted out an issue that ended up occurring with my last inspection when the inspector wanted to show up at the opposite time of what we had requested. I was very glad to see that the company is very quick to fix issues that come up. I later found out that basically, the company has a lot of trust in their employees and expect them to do their jobs and at a high standard. When my permit issue came up, it opened a can of worms but  the company seems to have been able to reorganize and resolve those issues. I'll give it to them that they did  great and fast job with this since I feel like I saw the difference after. I started to see my appointments scheduled faster, better communication and updates on what was going on, and I didn't have to worry about if an appointment would actually be set when I was told it would be. I had requested to speak to someone in upper management and Eduard got me in contact with Julio immediately. I first spoke to Julio over the phone. He was very courteous and listened to what my issues were. I explained to him my end goal and he promised to take a look at my account to see what had happened. He let me know he would be in contact with me again after my next inspection which was a week from then and I agreed to wait for that contact. Today, the inspector came out and like I said, there had been an issue with them trying to come out earlier than what we had requested. Eduard not only got in contact with the city but also directly with the inspector who thankfully agreed to come out later. We happily passed inspection this time and I was immediately contacted back by Julio in regards to my account. In summary, Southwest ended up having to bring my entire heating and ac unit up to date even though they only installed an ac. This meant fixing a drainage issue that occurred because the previous owners of my residence took out the original ac drain and never put  a new one back in when they remodeled. They also helped me with filter issues and piping issues that the actual unit had. Julio was able to go over and show all the permits that were pulled and given for the unit. He also confirmed with me the warranties that come with their ac unit which I'm very happy with since they make sure to come out and service the unit for a year after the installation. What really impressed me and why I have Southwest back at a 5 star is because my last contact with Julio was not just over the phone but he actually offered to come straight to my house and meet with me directly to discuss the issues I had before. He apologized face to face with me for the issues I had with the company and really assured me that the company has corrected the issues that I had run into. I do very much believe this since I saw a drastic difference between what happened right after my installation and after my complaints so now I confidently can recommend this company. I really do feel that after I made my issues known to the company, they made corrections needed to make the problems disappear and the speed at which they did this definitely impressed me. I feel like after the problems were solved, the company followed through and made sure I was happy with their work and the end result. I've also been reassured that they'll be coming out later on after the seasons change to maintenance the unit which I look forward to since I've never had regular maintenance done on my ac/heater units before.

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Laura L.

5 star ratingAfter a couple  months searching for a good quote on AC we found Southwest HVAC to do the installation. Very professional and great customer service. They came in and did a good clean job. We are very happy with the service we got.

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Beatriz L.

5 star ratingLast week we had a service visit from Ramon Chavez regarding some airflow issues we were experiencing. Ramon was incredible- I work from home and I am frequently on the phone with agents, Ramon was very considerate of this and despite him having to be in my office to assess the problem he was polite, quiet and very thoughtful. He also came Covid prepared with a mask and thoughtfully wore "booties" over his work shoes to prevent any mess.  While the issue is not completely resolved yet  Ramon explained the problem to me in layman's terms and also let me know what the next steps would be to getting it corrected. Thank you Southwest HVAC for having an employee like Ramon who was professional,  respectful, and informative.

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Nydia W.

5 star ratingCan you say FAST PROFESSIONAL service?    Someone who watches out for your hard earned buck?   Southwest HVAC is here to get the JOB DONE for YOU.  (I sound like a commercial.) I work hard for my benjamins (who doesn't)?   My grandmamma used to say "never criticize someone who makes an honest living."  Fair enough gramma but what about people who make a dishonest living?  As I called three different HVAC companies to quote me a job, it was obvious that there are a lot of scam artists in the HVAC industry.  Southwest (Julio) came out and gave it to me straight.   He recommended what I do myself (can you turn 4 screws?  it'll save you $100)....and what I couldn't do (hard pipe out of the furnace burner).   His guys came in and got the job done.   Some other gouge and screw artist wanted to charge me $400 for a job Julio did for $80.   Seriously....these guys knock it out.  PLEASE call them for your HVAC needs.  I was very impressed w/ Julio's professionalism.   Don't waste your time elsewhere........your time is too valuable.

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John O.

5 star ratingReplaced all Ductwork. My family and I have had great service with SouthWest HVAC.  I have worked with several people. Claudia usually answers the phone and she is very courteous and gets the right people to contact you quickly.  On my recent service which was replacing all my ductwork, I was contacted by Angel.  Angel is very knowledgeable and will work with you according to your needs and budget.  Angel was able to get me a competitive rate that included more services than other AC competitors.  For the actual replacement work, Brian and Edwardo were assigned to the job.  I could not be any happier with them.  They were very professional and courteous.  Brian redesigned the Ductwork layout where it is now more efficient and the last bedroom now gets cool.  They installed AC dampers at no additional cost which helped balance the AC/heating.  They also installed a new register where the airflow flows around us and not directly onto our heads.  Angel will be sending another crew shortly to redesign the AC condensation elimination pipes which Angel included in the ductwork costs.  There will also be some patchwork in the kitchen done.  I highly recommend Soutwest HVAC for your AC needs.

Juan N. Avatar
Juan N.

5 star ratingI recently installed my HVAC system back in February 2017, and couldn't be happier. No more suffering in the  summer and winter. Albert Nevarez (Project Manager) took the time to explain the whole HVAC system and answer our concerns. If you plan to get an HVAC system I recommend these guys. * Well-coordinated* Knowledgeable * On schedule* Great customer service

Oscar J. Avatar
Oscar J.

5 star ratingGreat and fast service from Angel and the team at Southwest. I hired them to install AC in my house. Angel did a great job explaining the different options and helped pick what made most sense for us (no aggressive selling technique, very knowledgeable). Price was good and job was clean and overall well done.

Jeremie S. Avatar
Jeremie S.

5 star ratingFRANK was AWESOME!I have nothing but great things to say about this guy.  He diagnosed and fixed my problem quickly.He knows his job and claims over 20 years experience.  He demonstrated that knowledge on my HVAC unit.I've had 2 techs from 2 different companies unable to fix the problem.  One tried to sell me a whole new unit for $15,000. I felt like I was dealing with a salesman not a repairman.Turns out I wired the thermostat wrong and goofed on the programming.   I love that Frank caught it right away and fixed the problem.FRANK you are the MAN!Southwest HVAC, you now have a loyal new customer.

Gregory G. Avatar
Gregory G.

5 star ratingLet me start by saying i would recommend this company to anybody their work ethics were superb!!! Angel explained everything that they were going to do top to bottom everything he said they were going to do was done 100% their workers Miguel and Manuel were clean and efficient and both had a great knowledge of AC and Heating systems Southwest HVAC, should be proud your guys you are the best in my opinion.Thank You!!!

Russell G. Avatar
Russell G.

5 star ratingAwesome service, very professional and totally reliable. We dealt with Luis which I highly recommend, he know what he was talking about, and fixed our problem in no time.Thank you again for great service.

Beau B. Avatar
Beau B.

5 star ratingGreat Communication with service center.  They promised to call when technician was on his way when I set the appointment and they called as promised.Hector was very knowledgeable and professional.  Attention to detail and service...Hector would not even enter my home before putting covers over his shoes.  He took the time to explain everything in detail and really did a great job fixing my unit.I would highly recommend.

Jeff A. Avatar
Jeff A.

5 star ratingI would highly recommend Southwest HVAC to all my friends and family . Angel was so thoughtful to have my parents unit installed ASAP. Your employee were so professional and they did a wonderful job.Thank you so much

Riley A. Avatar
Riley A.

5 star ratingShort Story:  I had a completely new install, ducts, equipment, copper, electrical..the whole nine.  From quote to cold/hot air these guys were the best!!!  The quote was very competitive and the equipment they proposed was better than any other quote I received.  I am super picky and they happily met all my expectations!Long Story:  I am an engineer and I get into details, way into details.  Angel came out to review the home and also sent me the quote.  My house is oddly configured and I wanted the condenser in a spot that made the job MUCH more difficult.  The other companies quoting the job refused to even consider the job in my proposed configuration.  My proposed placement meant larger line sets as it was a long run for the coolant lines and it also meant a LOT more work.  Well, these guys did it.  They did it with a smile and they did a very high quality job.  I was crawling around under the house and also in the attic with the installers making my opinions known about how I wanted the work to be done.  They were awesome!  Alex and Edward were the installers and I could not have been happier with the two!  They worked hard, they did the job right, they listened to my concerns and addressed ALL of them!  I was probably one of their most complicated and demanding customers and it was really nice to see them shine even with the difficult job and the demanding customer.  Julio, one of the owners, was also involved from time to time.  He is an extremely hardworking and honest guy.  It is rare when you find a company these days who commits to EVERYTHING they say and does it right the first time with a smile.  These guys did exactly that.  I would have done it all over again with them for sure, not a doubt in my mind.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on this company.  I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Joseph F. Avatar
Joseph F.

5 star ratingThis review is really late, but I wanted to write it because Southwest HVAC did such a great job. I hired them to install a new furnace in my attic (the old one was in a downstairs closet), and to install new central air conditioning (with all new ducting and vents). As everybody else has said, Julio was awesome, their price was good, and their workmanship was great--and fast. We had them pull permits, and everything passed on the first inspection. Julio and his crew went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them in the future if needed.

S.J. A. Avatar
S.J. A.

5 star ratingJulio and his team provided the best overall quote and value for what we were looking for from a HVAC company.  We had AC installed in our home in Lakewood and the Southwest HVAC team did a great job!  Once we signed the paperwork, work got started a few days later and ended as promised four days later!  Julio recommended the best AC for us and even came back to ensure that the flow to cool down the entire house was correct and adjusted it!  Great team, great value.

Antonio M. Avatar
Antonio M.

5 star ratingI had a new central AC system installed yesterday and today. The entire team was very professional. I was able to schedule a consultation for several days after my initial call. Oscar surveyed my property and provided me with a quote very promptly. Oscar and Julio both worked with me to review the quote, understand the product being ordered, and schedule prompt installation. The installers, Johnnie and Francisco were very professional and completed the job as scheduled. Overall, everyone I dealt with was prompt, on time, and easy to reach by phone and email. The permit inspections went smoothly. I am very pleased I chose this company.

Michelle P. Avatar
Michelle P.

5 star ratingFabian was very informative, nice, and thorough, as he fixed a wall heater. Yelp says my review (in the paragraph above) is too short, so here is some padding. I would not be bothering to take the time to review a company if I did not like it. So yelp, just deal with my short review! Why should i hype it up? I've said what i have to say. I like this company, but I'm not gonna marry it or write a passionate love letter. I've got things to do! They are a good company. There. That's it.

Pallace F. Avatar
Pallace F.

5 star ratingAngel and the South HVAC team are truly dedicated to ensuring that their clients understand what is happing during an installation. They went above and beyond by identifying and fixing a minor electrical issue in my house that they didn't need to address. Their attention to detail, high level of professionalism, and customer service during my installation made all the difference. I'd most definitely use them again in the future and highly recommend them.

J D. Avatar
J D.

5 star ratingAngel was very thorough in explaining us the entire process and ensured that we were comfortable at every step. Getting a new heating system was a big investment for our home, and Angel ensured that every component in the system we picked matched our needs. His team always arrived on time and cleaned up after themselves. The project was timely completed and we are happy that we choose Southwest HVAC for it.

Nandita C. Avatar
Nandita C.

5 star ratingMy wife Samantha and I, recently did a complete HVAC install, removed the old red tagged heater, new ducting, and some additional vents. Angel was very informative and just a down right good guy to work with. They were referred by my cousin and what great service they provided! They were sooo good I referred them to my parents who haven't had any A/C since 1978...they're just not built like that parents that is. Anyways, great service, fair price, honest work, and a peace of mind provide by Angel who walked us thru the whole process. Great job and would definitely refer to all! Damn, it's cold in our house now!

Sean S. Avatar
Sean S.

5 star ratingI really appreciate the time, care, professionalism and respect that Southwest HVAC showed me and our home. They came out for a AC change out and the crew worked very hard installing the unit, running new lines and making sure that it would keep us nice and cold in the summer. Really great bunch of guys. The manager even stopped by and walked the entire job to verify things were done to Southwest Standards. Thanks folks, we look forward to using this all summer.

Jason B. Avatar
Jason B.

5 star ratingAfter owning a house for 4 years, its our first time servicing our central heat unit when it went bad. I am usually very skeptic picking my contractors but end up going with Southwest due to the reviews. Ryan was on time and very courteous (he even made sure to put on a shoe cover so he does not step in with dirty shoes). Southwest HVAC is an honest company and will def use them again if anything goes wrong....hopefully not anytime soon. They accepted our yelp voucher honestly and didn't try to pull some strings....overall very satisfied and keep up the honest work guys!Did recomended them to 2 of my co-workers this week not sure if they called...

Jeff W. Avatar
Jeff W.

5 star ratingAfter researching and visits from three different companies, we were fortunate to find Southwest HVAC over 6 years ago. We had our 25-year old AC condenser upgraded (and relocated from the patio to the roof of our home). Southwest was not only more reasonable but more innovative. These folks didn't need 'heavy equipment rentals' to get the job done, only creativity and know-how. We decided on a 'service contract' then and there-which we NEVER do- so we knew we'd continue to receive the service we could depend on and TRUST. Everyone from the office to the service team in the field are conscience, personable and efficient. This visit, it was Fabian who handled the service call. Texted before his arrival letting us know he could show up early!! [Who does that these days?? :) ] Polite. Professional. Thorough.Quality across the board. Thank you, Southwest HVAC!

Rebecca A. Avatar
Rebecca A.

5 star ratingWe had a great experience with SouthWest HVAC. We had a Central A/C unit added to our heating system in the height of this past summer. Our Project Manager, Angel, was very responsive, helpful, and informative. During installation, they were very respectful of the space and left no traces or mess. They arranged for all the city permitting and appointments and everything went smoothly. What a great experience!

Alison C. Avatar
Alison C.

5 star ratingThere's nothing worse than the pandemic realization that you may be working from home for longer than anticipated in late April (in Los Angeles AND without HVAC). Luckily, the team at Southwest was super quick to respond, easy to work with, finished the job ahead of time, and now we're sitting in a nicely chilled 72 degree house wishing that we would have made this decision much sooner. Luis and his entire team were proactive, thoughtful, super communicative, and one of the best crews we've had work on our house so far. Huge, epic thanks to all of you!

Rachel R. Avatar
Rachel R.

5 star ratingGreat Value, Great Price! We got more than we expected. Very punctual, efficient, very knowledgeable, great attention to detail. More than happy with the outcome of the products and installation. With great warranty on equipment and labor. We got 4 ton Trane, Air scrubber (uv light air purifier- a must nowadays) Honeywell T6 pro wifi thermometer- great if you are into smart appliances. I would recommend!! ask for Angel, quick to reply and efficient, and always looking for the best optionsbased on our needs and request. He stays very involved through out the whole process, Always making sure everything goes as requested. Also shoutout to Johnny and  Installer team- on top of it, no slacking, very efficient, hard workers!They worked on my parents home and ours! Excellent workAsk For Angel

Lissett C. Avatar
Lissett C.

5 star ratingWe chose Southwest HVAC for our property in Santa Monica, among 5 HVAC companies that we interviewed because of the confidence Tommy Demirjian gave us. He is an excellent communicator with strong passion for his job that he went above and beyond to complete the installation with city inspection and approval. He is a very sincere, hard working, accountable, and honest person. He responded promptly to my calls and text messages. My advice to home owners who are looking to fix/renovate home is to hire people/companies with strong work ethics and personal values/guiding principles like Tommy Demirjian.

Amisha Kamal K. Avatar
Amisha Kamal K.

5 star ratingFabian from Southwest came out today and was able to fix a leak, service the system, recharge the Freon, and sign me up for maintenance very efficiently and for a great price!  He was very helpful and very professional and most importantly honest...SO happy to be a Southwest HVAC customer!!!

Janice M. Avatar
Janice M.

5 star ratingI had southwest installed the central air and heat last year and I'm very happy with it. Nice cold air on summer days and warm air on winter. Today I had issue with the air condition unit and called Southwest and they came right and fixed the issue by the way. (It was not anything Southwest done but the someone reversed the fuse for condenser.) Now i have cold air again. Thank you very much.

jae s. Avatar
jae s.

5 star ratingWe just had our new system installed by Southwest. After initial consultation and comparing to other local companies, we decided they offer best service, from communication, negotiations in price, quality of work and used equipment and warranties and service for years to come. We are pleased and happy, we will be cool in hot summer and cozy warm with new furnace in the attic in the winter. Thanks to Luis S. project manager, and Jonnie head installer and all the gentlemen working during the pandemic, in my hot attic and keeping positive and professional.

Gosia V. Avatar
Gosia V.

5 star ratingi do Property management for a large company in the greater Los Angeles area i use southwest hvac for all my replacements and repairs they are a professional company easy to deal with and very well priced Angel Meza is a professional honest respectable  gentlemen  i found him online and gave him a call he was at my building the next day needles to say i gave him the job the work was done quickly neatly and professionally i have used him many times since and will continue to use them for all my HVAC needs

Reuven G. Avatar
Reuven G.

5 star ratingFabian has always taken good care of us whenever we needed our HVAC serviced. He is timely, personable, knowledgeable, and professional.If you need an HVAC service or repair you can trust Southwest and I recommend that you ask for Fabian.

Elijah C. Avatar
Elijah C.

5 star ratingThis is just an update after a couple of years of my installation. Last night it rained and there was a leak from the installation. I understand this can happen, but the reason I'm posting is the fact that I could contact Angel and he has someone coming to look at the problem immediately. This is not a company that just ditches you. They are there to make things right, and that kind of customer service is worth my highest recommendation!

Mike S. Avatar
Mike S.

5 star ratingThis company installed a brand new furnace and central ac unit for my house.  Now I wish I can say things went smoothly but they did not. However, when I expressed my frustration to the management team at Southwest, they quickly rectified the situation and ensured all my needs were met.  In addition, the owner (Julio) called me from his vacation to apologize for the inconvenience and assured me that he will have his best crew double check everything.  Sure enough, that's exactly what happened. In addition, Julio made another call to me to follow-up after his team came to my house to fix the remaining items and sent his general manager to double check the work.  Wow!!I must say, in today's world of companies trying to find ways to cut corners to increase their bottomline, and one of them being service, this was not the case for Southwest.  They exceeded my expectations and I'm glad to have chosen a company that stands behind its product and its commitment to service.   Thank you Southwest!

Brandon C. Avatar
Brandon C.

5 star ratingAngel the sales rep came out for a presentation and did such an outstanding job covering all the details of the ac unit we had added to our existing forced air heater. He informed me of all the work that would be done, and made sure his work crew Mark and Francisco would take care of our home. The price was the best of the 3 companies that came to bid as well. I initially had the costco company come out and they were easily quoting 40% more for a lesser unit. I highly recommend  Southwest HVAC. They did a very clean installation, and I couldn't be happier!

Jeff B. Avatar
Jeff B.

5 star ratingAfter looking into several other companies for a total HVAC install I decided to go with Southwest. The sales rep Angel was very professional. He presented me with several options and the price was the best out of all the other estimates I received from other companies. The installation crew was at my house that same week and they completed the entire job in just a few days. Alex, Edward and Johnny did a fantastic job installing the system. They were professional, worked non stop rain or shine until the job was completed and also did a great job in keeping my house clean throughout the process. The system is very quite and works great at heating and cooling my house. I am very happy and would 100% recommend Southwest to friends and family.

Sal Q. Avatar
Sal Q.

5 star ratingI recently had Southwest HVAC install A/C in my home, plus replace my antique furnace, ducts and electrical panel.  Basically had everything done. My first contact with Southwest was with Angel.  He was very professional, polite, informative; and really is the reason I decided to choose Southwest.  The install-techs were Edwin, Mark and Alex and they did an AMAZING job.  I have a very small attic with a very small access door and they had to be very creative getting the old furnace out and then installing the new larger furnace.  Edwin was so careful removing the molding that framed the attic access door and replacing it when everything was done.  They had to install two returns, since the original place for the return was so small.  So Edwin installed an additional return in the attic access door...... very creative.  Another thing that was sort of tricky about this install was that I didn't have any attic space above my back TV room, so they had to install exposed duct work on the roof.  Once again Edwin was very creative about the placement, making sure it's not noticeable from the street level.  Julio (he is the owner) and Joe (the install manager) stopped by a few times too to check on the progress and answer my many questions.  Julio even stopped by a few days later to install a new thermostat for me.  The customer service I received from EVERYONE at Southwest HVAC was the best.  I highly recommend won't be disappointed.p.s. I love my new Daikin A/'s so quiet.

Charl A. Avatar
Charl A.

5 star ratingIts about 4 years since I had Southwest Install my AC. Finally it started to have some problems with the secondary drain draining too much and the compressor fan making noise. So the Technician named Fernando came out and immediately found the problem and fixed it. He then ordered the Compressor fan and replaced it today. Fernando was fast, efficient , and courteous. I looked for my paperwork and found out it was still under warranty. Southwest honored the warranty. They put that central air and heat in my house in 2 days from nothing. No ducts, nothing but a wall heater. And it was approved by the city permit dept. We have been running that AC relentlessly. I'm trying to convince my brother have Southwest install central air in my moms house. Also from the service call to being at my house was very very fast. Unbelievably good service.

William A. Avatar
William A.

5 star ratingMy husband and i decided to get an AC unit installed in our house. Our house already has central heat and we basically only needed the compressor and coils. We called 3 different companies that service our neighborhood in Redondo, and got quotes from all 3. From the get go, i had a good feeling about southwest bc they had a receptionist that would answer their phones right away and she even would call to confirm appointment times. (none of the other companies did that). In the end, we picked southwest bc they didn't try to up sell us to a bigger unit, was the most reasonable priced, installed the most reliable brand (daikin or train). They came out and finished the job in half day, didn't even need a deposit and charged us one week after the job was complete! The employees are all very professional (Julio, Edwin) and i felt comfortable with them in our home with my infant.Thank you, the unit works great and is so quiet!! It can cool our house quickly and makes us feel like we are in a luxurious hotel! :)

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sarah l.

5 star ratingSouthwest HVAC recently installed AC/heater in my home it was by far the best decision to work with them. When I first started looking for quotes, Southwest HVAC was my first quote. Angel was my project manage and showed up on time to our first meet and greet. He was by far the most professional, respectful, and most knowledgeable person I met compared the other two quotes I got from other companies. Angel, measured, recommended me on what was the best choice to go for. He explained each product, how they work, the warranties, and how they would do the job. It was a very comforting feeling to understand all that. Others companies just gave me a number/how long it will take and that was it. Angel took his time and made sure I made the best choice even if I didn't go with southwest. Within a couple hours, I called Angel let him know I chose Southwest HVAC. They came out the following week and got started on a Monday. Each they were there they explained what they were going to do that day and the plan to finish. They executed their plan well. It never really felt like they were working there. They were polite, respectful of our property and always kept us in the loop of what was going on. They protected and furniture/floors they may be working on. After they were done they did an excellent job on cleaning up each and every day. I was never once worried about what they were doing. They completed the project on a Thursday and took a total of 4 days to complete. The AC worked amazing and they patched the wall up where the old wall heater was and made it seem like if nothing was ever in that wall. The attention to detailed southwest HVAC uses is amazing. I'd recommend this company to anyone and everyone, if fact my neighbor was so impressive she also went with southwest HVAC to update her AC/heater system!Thank southwest HVAC! You guys did a phenomenal job. I'm enjoying the AC and can't wait to survive this summer in a cool home!

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Anthony P.

5 star ratingWas very impressed with this company. Their operators were always available (I never got a vm). And the rep who came to the house, Fabian - he was awesome. Extremely personable and made a point to follow up days later to be sure all the Heating repairs were still working to our satisfaction. This will be my company for any HVAC needs. Thanks Fabian and Southwest!

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Scott M.

5 star ratingWe just had Southwest HVAC install a ductless system last week.  We met with Albert, the project manager, on a Friday. He came to the house, provided an estimate, and put my mind at ease about the project. This was our third quote, so we already had an idea as to the scope and expense of the project. Albert was knowledgable, personable, and was not utilizing any high pressure sales tactics, which would have been off-putting.After reviewing and comparing estimates, we decided that Southwest HVAC was the best value for the system specifications we wanted. Albert was able to get the job scheduled for the following week. However, his involvement did not end there. Albert was sure to check in throughout the installation, stopping by and calling, and he even called the day after the installation to make sure there were no issues. The installation lasted the better part of 3 days and we couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work or the technicians who came to the house. Edwin was great; he was courteous, good-natured, and obviously quite skilled. He brought two assistants with him over the course of three days: Paul and Kevin. Both young men were respectful and efficient. They worked diligently and took care to clean up after themselves throughout the day.  The installation went smoothly and according to schedule, which we appreciated.From start to finish, Southwest HVAC was a easy to deal with and this was a good experience. While we haven't had any super hot days since the installation, we are already enjoying the AC and feel confident that we are ready for summer. The units themselves look great, are quiet, and are a big improvement over what we had previously.

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L.A. T.

5 star ratingSouthwest HVAC recently installed a AC/Heater at my home and I am very impressed with the professionalism that the workers from Johnny and Omar showed.  Angel Meza, project manager gave a detailed explanation how to maximize the AC unit in my house.  He answered all my questions thoroughly and was very professional.  As far as the work, the workers installed the AC unit in 4 days.  There was no issues during the installation and everything ran smoothly.  The workers always kept the area cleaned at the end of the day.  Southwest HVAC comes highly recommended.

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Le N.

5 star ratingProject manager Tommy Demirjian is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and honest. I recently had him provide an estimate for an HVAC system and he truly went above and beyond to provide the best solutions for our 40 year old home. He took the time to explain not only about the product, but to learn what options best suited our family and homes need. He is trustworthy and genuine, and it is obvious he stands by the SouthWest company name and the spectacular guarantee on their product and work. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a reliable and honest company to consider SouthWest and ask for Tommy. You will not be disappointed!

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Tam J.