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5 star ratingMichael G's review below was spot on.  I had them install a new A/C unit. Julio was very responsive and accommodating in scheduling a quote and the installation.  The pricing was very reasonable and all staff very professional.  The installation was quick and the installers were very neat and courteous.  I could tell they took pride in their work and the company and they took time to show me how they reconfigured existing ducting and heating unit to improve operation.   We are now enjoying our first summer with air conditioning.  Thanks Julio!

Paul F. Avatar
Paul F.

5 star ratingI recently had my existing ac replaced by Southwest and I highly suggest them.  While researching companies I came along several who were willing to charge me an arm and a leg.  Angel with Southwest was very reassuring and knowledgable.  They basically held our hand through the entire process from beginning to end.  They replace my old 4 ton unit in my garage with a new 5 ton unit in the attic.  The work was impeccable and customer service was awesome.  Even when after they were done I asked for modifications.  If I ever have to have another unit replaced, I will call them without question.  Thank you to Angel and the techs that did the install!

Juliann F. Avatar
Juliann F.

5 star ratingSo I moved into a house with no AC during the hottest, most humid week of the year. First thing on my list was a quote for central AC. I got a couple of quotes from different companies for a whole new central AC system; new furnace, ducting, vents, & condenser. When I called for a quote, Eddie Santos came out and did a thorough inspection of my house and attic space. We discussed options for where to put the condenser and he showed me pictures of other installations they'd done. He had a brief presentation on the way the company does work and what their service includes and it was all to make sure I knew I was doing business with a company that cared about and took pride in their work. He answered all of my questions and when I had a request about a vent in a bonus room that he was unsure of, he had one of his lead installers come by and just double check that it was possible. Southwest HVAC actually was the cheapest quote I got, but not by much. I ended up with a 5 ton, 16 SEER AC system and a furnace with a variable speed fan. They included the NEST thermostat and 2 years of maintenance. The installation crew was just amazing. They were SO clean and tidy and took such care not to make a mess in my house. They put drop cloths on the floor, swept up when they were done for the day, and used boxes and bags to catch any drywall dust while they were cutting vent holes. After the first day of work, I couldn't even tell they'd been in my house working, all their work was done in the attic, but it was that clean. The guys, Edwin, Julio, Mark, and (i think) Danny, were all great. They were professional and super competent. The work they did all looks amazing, their attention to detail was impressive, and they way they took care of my house, making sure not to make a mess or break things was awesome, especially considering that my toddlers tried really hard to put stuff underfoot and under ladders constantly. Even a couple weeks later, other contractors that have been at my house have been impressed with the workmanship that Edwin and the guys did. The verizon guy was in the attic and impressed at how tidy all the ducting is. They also send their plaster/patch guy out to fix the 1 teeny spot that needed to be patched at the attic entrance. They wouldn't take any money from me till I was 100% satisfied and the job was totally finished. I'm never moving again, but if I did and needed AC, Southwest would absolutely be my first call. It was a rare pleasure getting to work with knowledgable and friendly professionals.

Jessica A. Avatar
Jessica A.

5 star ratingProject manager Tommy Demirjian is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and honest. I recently had him provide an estimate for an HVAC system and he truly went above and beyond to provide the best solutions for our 40 year old home. He took the time to explain not only about the product, but to learn what options best suited our family and homes need. He is trustworthy and genuine, and it is obvious he stands by the SouthWest company name and the spectacular guarantee on their product and work. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a reliable and honest company to consider SouthWest and ask for Tommy. You will not be disappointed!

Tam J. Avatar
Tam J.

5 star ratingI really appreciate the time, care, professionalism and respect that Southwest HVAC showed me and our home. They came out for a AC change out and the crew worked very hard installing the unit, running new lines and making sure that it would keep us nice and cold in the summer. Really great bunch of guys. The manager even stopped by and walked the entire job to verify things were done to Southwest Standards. Thanks folks, we look forward to using this all summer.

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Jason B.

5 star ratingThese guys are so friendly and responsive!  We reached out for an estimate and got a speedy response as well as a quick appointment to get an estimate.  In the end, we cancelled because our seller decided to handle this for us.  But if we need an HVAC company again, they'll be the first we call!  Highly recommended.

Mary M. Avatar
Mary M.

5 star ratingFrom our first call to schedule an appointment up until the end of our mini-split maintenance visit Southwest was incredibly professional and courteous. Our technician, Fabian was very knowledgeable and friendly. I wouldn't even think twice if you are considering going with Southwest, their professionalism makes them stand out and their work was really well done. When I'm in need of other services from contractors/ technicians this is the standard that I now hold everyone to, I was incredibly satisfied with Southwest HVAC.

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Emmanuel M.

5 star ratingJust had them in for a non-working air-con unit. Turns out it just needed a reset, but they did it quickly, gave the unit a quick service and talked us through future service options. Very friendly, professional, and helpful!Just call them and make an appt!

Nathan L. Avatar
Nathan L.

5 star ratingLong overdue review for these guys. I don't write reviews but felt it necessary because of how good these guys are. They know customer service, treat you like family and are clean and professional. Fabian is the man! Knowledgeable and answers any questions you have with patience. Don't hesitate to call these guys. They will treat you right.

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N E.

5 star ratingSouthwest installed a brand new HVAC system in my new home.  Now that it has been a few months and I've had the chance to test the heating and ac, quite satisfied with their work. Tommy was the main contact and he went over the whole procedure with me before I signed with him. I did look at other quotes but they were either too high or a bit too good to be true. From a work perspective it is all good.

Alan C. Avatar
Alan C.

5 star ratingFabian was very informative, nice, and thorough, as he fixed a wall heater. Yelp says my review (in the paragraph above) is too short, so here is some padding. I would not be bothering to take the time to review a company if I did not like it. So yelp, just deal with my short review! Why should i hype it up? I've said what i have to say. I like this company, but I'm not gonna marry it or write a passionate love letter. I've got things to do! They are a good company. There. That's it.

Pallace F. Avatar
Pallace F.

5 star ratingWe were able to book an appointment quickly within a week! They diagnosed the problem of our central heat and air and the diagnostic fee was applied towards the total cost of the service. The service was quick and efficient. They even took pictures and videos to show us the problem that was occurring with our heater (I thought that was awesome). Thank you southwest HVAC for fixing our heater ASAP especially since it's been so cold these past few weeks! Would definitely call them for future hvac needs!

Dona G. Avatar
Dona G.

5 star ratingI called three companies to bid on Central A/C for my home in Long Beach. The first company never gave me a quote. The second company was SouthWest, and the third was another local business. From the onset, their customer service was excellent. Oscar, the rep who serviced our home on the first visit was on time, very clear in his information and extremely good at following up with a phone call the week after giving us the bid.When I followed up to get some clarity on a few questions I had, Oscar was diligent in returning the phone calls and texts. I was being sold on a Daikin brand unit, and had heard some so-so reviews. Oscar informed me these were the best in the business, and they had the best track record of any units they used. So I took his word on that.The day of the install, Johnnie and Jorge showed up at 8:00am on the dot and worked all day to complete the job by 7:00pm. They installed the unit where we discussed, and even took the time to walk me through installing a "smart thermostat" myself, which I later did.SouthWest needed to cut some access holes in the side of the home. The following Monday, they sent their patch/repair man Alfonso to come and fix the holes. Since he could not find the exact siding to match our home, he figured a way to use a hidden piece and paint it. The patch looks professional and the follow through was amazing all the way.I would highly recommend SouthWest for HVAC services in the Long Beach area.

A R. Avatar
A R.

5 star ratingAlbert came out yesterday for an estimate and project planning. He arrived promptly on time, was professional and courteous. Discussed options with my wife and myself and made us feel comfortable with the whole process. When the time comes to get the project done we will gladly bring on him and his team.

Shaun M. Avatar
Shaun M.

5 star ratingAfter my house was fumigated for termites, the gas company came out to the home to turn on the gas and inspect my gas appliances.  The guy informed me that he thought the firewall was cracked on my wall heater and that I would need to contact a heating AC specialist.  Julio Hernandez from Southwest HVAC came to my home and thoroughly inspected my entire heator.  He took the time to explain what he was doing and showed me there were no cracks.  He lit up my furnace, waited to make sure that it was working properly and to my surprise, there was no charge.

Jerry G. Avatar
Jerry G.

5 star ratingReplaced all Ductwork. My family and I have had great service with SouthWest HVAC.  I have worked with several people. Claudia usually answers the phone and she is very courteous and gets the right people to contact you quickly.  On my recent service which was replacing all my ductwork, I was contacted by Angel.  Angel is very knowledgeable and will work with you according to your needs and budget.  Angel was able to get me a competitive rate that included more services than other AC competitors.  For the actual replacement work, Brian and Edwardo were assigned to the job.  I could not be any happier with them.  They were very professional and courteous.  Brian redesigned the Ductwork layout where it is now more efficient and the last bedroom now gets cool.  They installed AC dampers at no additional cost which helped balance the AC/heating.  They also installed a new register where the airflow flows around us and not directly onto our heads.  Angel will be sending another crew shortly to redesign the AC condensation elimination pipes which Angel included in the ductwork costs.  There will also be some patchwork in the kitchen done.  I highly recommend Soutwest HVAC for your AC needs.

Juan N. Avatar
Juan N.

5 star ratingThese guys a very professional and do great work! Julio and his team gave us an estimate that was reasonable and they were excellent about answering our questions.When they installed the new A/C they were prompt, very clean and did an outstanding job. I highly recommend Southwest.

Michael G. Avatar
Michael G.

5 star ratinggreat price, great service!!mark come in perfect timing, price is good!and i am happy!!!

Peter D. Avatar
Peter D.

5 star ratingI planned to get several bids to replace my existing attic furnace and add central A/C.  When I called the first company their first available appointment was 10 days out.  Meanwhile, I researched other companies and came across Southwest HVAC.  After reading the Yelp reviews, which were consistently 5 star, and seeing one review that decided to select Southwest HVAC after receiving estimates from several companies (one of which I was planning to obtain also) and being extremely happy with their company, I decided not to waste any more time and call Southwest HVAC.  When I called for an estimate, they scheduled me for the very next morning.  They provided me a text message of when they were on their way and they arrived on time.  Albert Nevarez arrived to provide the estimate and also introduced himself as the Project Manager if we decided to move forward.  Albert was very thorough in assessing our existing furnace, evaluating our needs for an AC based on our house size, where it would be best positioned and offered several Makes/options to consider; explaining the benefits of each.  Albert further explained the work involved, including installation that would required breaching walls and roof, and how they would repair those areas.  Albert settled any concerns I had with potential damage, promising to properly seal and patch any areas.  I received the estimate for a new furnace, AC and attic vent.  The price was very reasonable.  I decided to go with Southwest and they scheduled the work within just a few days. The installers, Jose Penaloza and Jaime Borilla, arrived on time both days to complete the work and they were great through the project.  They thoroughly explained what they were going to do prior to doing it to make sure I understood and agreed.  They also found that my existing ducts were too big for my existing vents and that the prior work was shotty in how they were secured together.  They properly made the repairs to ensure there wouldn't be an leakage of air.  Overall, they were great and Project Manager Albert Neverez was very thorough in explaining things and responsive when I had any questions.  I highly recommend Southwest HVAC.

Hector B. Avatar
Hector B.

5 star ratingTrue five star service! Fabian replaced a circuit and my heater was running again within an hour. Handled everything with care. Much appreciated.

Harris B. Avatar
Harris B.

5 star ratingWe got bids from most of the big firms and a couple of small local ones. Angel explain the process gave us several different options and went through everything step by step. In the end we decided to go with Southwest because they were local and have the best price. The day of the install Alex and Eduardo showed up on time and made sure everything was covered before they got started. Angel showed up at the same time to make every sure everything was correct and answered question about the size of the unit and our options. Now we have a nice cool house and no worries.

After M. Avatar
After M.

5 star ratingSouthwest HVAC was professional from the beginning estimate until the HVAC system was up and running.  Tommy went out of his way to answer all of my questions, return my Google Nest Box that was left in the truck, and get all the necessary paperwork to me in order to file for a rebate with LADWP.  They repaired and cleaned everything that was altered during the installation.  You don't have to pay a cent until the installation is complete and the system is running properly.  I've never found a contractor that doesn't require a deposit, Southwest HVAC is confident that they will do great work and you can pay them at the end of the job. My friends highly recommended Southwest HVAC to me and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Anna D. Avatar
Anna D.

5 star ratingjust got my new AC unit added to my current furnace, weather here in LA is hotter then the past years and expected to get worse so we decided on adding AC to our system. I called and their receptionist were very nice and set an appointment up the same day. their Project Manager called me 30 min before to let me know he was on his way, I loved that. once in my home he looked at my furnace and vents to make sure they did not need any repairs and gave me a quote. the price was not the cheapest out of 3 quotes but I loved their reviews, loved what they offer as a company and loved the way they treated me my family and my home. they are SUPPER CLEAN and fast. thanks Southwest

Ana A. Avatar
Ana A.

5 star ratingLast week we had a service visit from Ramon Chavez regarding some airflow issues we were experiencing. Ramon was incredible- I work from home and I am frequently on the phone with agents, Ramon was very considerate of this and despite him having to be in my office to assess the problem he was polite, quiet and very thoughtful. He also came Covid prepared with a mask and thoughtfully wore "booties" over his work shoes to prevent any mess.  While the issue is not completely resolved yet  Ramon explained the problem to me in layman's terms and also let me know what the next steps would be to getting it corrected. Thank you Southwest HVAC for having an employee like Ramon who was professional,  respectful, and informative.

Nydia W. Avatar
Nydia W.

5 star ratingAs a facility manager in commercial office buildings, I am in charge of contracting out jobs for various structural/ facility maintenance issues. One of the smaller properties I oversee in the South Bay area was in need of some repairs in regards to one of the HVAC systems. The tenant was beside himself and demanded I fix the issue ASAP. Uhmmm yeah, i can ask the maintenance guy to change your filter!!!  It turns out the issue was much worse than just changing filters. As a long time yelper, I immediately consulted business on Yelp and came across Southwest HVAC. Since I was sitting at the Mini dealer in Long Beach, I got the best rated in the area and called. I left a message and someone called me within the hour. I made an appointment to have a technician/installer come out to the property to assess the damage. Angel and Eddie were able to give me an appointment the following day, both were pleasant and knowledgeable in their fields. They determined the cost to repair the existing unit would be more expensive than purchasing a new one completely. I got a breakdown of the various options as well as labor charges since this info has to be presented to Property Management. I needed something within a certain budget amount as well. After answering all my questions on how the system works and the benefits of a multi-zone system, I was confident I made the right choice. The property engineer was also on board with the installation process presented by both technicians. I felt comfortable and happy about choosing Southwest HVAC for the installation, I liked the breakdown of charges and detailed explanation of the new system and all of it's components. Eddie and Angel are easygoing and made the process seem easy. The tenant who ultimately gets passed down the charges was happy the request was completed in a timely fashion.

Maureen M. Avatar
Maureen M.

5 star ratingThe best experience we've had hiring a company to work on our home. They were amazing, especially Tommy. He provided all the details we needed to make a decision, recommended a Daikin variable air conditioner/furnace system that met California's strict qualifications (other companies said Lennox was the only one available - Daikin has a better warranty), was a great project manager, responded very quickly to all communications, and stayed on top of the project once it started. We really appreciated that he knew specific permitting issues for the city we live in. Southwest was not the lowest bid, but the installation techniques, the superior product offerings, and Tommy's knowledge and the level of detail provided during the estimate is what sold us. They did not disappoint. All of the guys that worked on the project were amazing. Worked quietly and efficiently and almost finished a day early, but Edison scheduled maintenance that turned of the power off, so the unit couldn't be tested, nor the wi-fi thermostat set up. The Daikin unit is incredibly quiet and our home is so cool! I'm sure if we need anything in the future they will be there to take care of it.

Sonya R. Avatar
Sonya R.

5 star ratingI found out of Southwest HVAC, here thru Yelp.After reading all the great reviews I had to call them.Angel came out and gave me all the run down, after meeting with him, I didn't feel like shopping around.What he promised is what they did, I couldn't believe it they came in and got things done very professionally... the crew was awesome and very detailed with their work.... my family is very thankful that I went with angel and Southwest HVAC now that it's hot and kids are in summer vacation they don't want to leave the house... thank you angel and your crew for setting up my house central air.... I recommended there service to all my friends and family hopefully they decide and give angel a call....

Maiko P. Avatar
Maiko P.

5 star ratingMade appointment through Yelp on Wednesday, and they respond quickly and had tech out here today. Tech Fabian arrived at his scheduled time. Fabian kept me informed on issues with my system and did a great job conducting a maintenance on the system. I would highly recommend using Southwest HVAC for any HVAC need.

Carlos D. Avatar
Carlos D.

5 star ratingReally awesome customer service!! I called on a Friday afternoon because I just found out our AC was on the fritz! The manager Sarmin was so nice and said the soonest he could get someone to inspect would be Monday.. I told him I understood it just sucks not having AC being pregnant and with a toddler in this heat- he was like I totally get it and offered to let us borrow a window AC unit until we have our Central air fixed! How awesome is that!!! Our toddler was having trouble sleeping in the heat so we put the unit in his room and he slept much much better!! Really thankful for heir kindness and consideration while we worked through fixing our AC. Thank you Sarmin and team!!

Elizabeth D. Avatar
Elizabeth D.

5 star ratingThese guys are great! Very professional, showed up on time, very thorough from the estimate   to finishing the work. we had to replace our old nonworking r-22 ac with a new r-410 unit. Pricing is competitive but I think you get some extras with this company that you are not going to get with others. They added an extra air intake, replaced all the vent/grills, moved the thermostat to a better location, and even filled the hole left in the old location. Angel did a great job explaining the estimate and overseeing the job from start to finish. I would highly recommend Southwest.

Mark R. Avatar
Mark R.

5 star ratingI just had Southwest HVAC replace the 35 year old HVAC in my Long Beach condo and they did a terrific job.  I had 5 companies bid on the job and at first look you would think they were middle to high price, but when I added in the things that the others didn't include in the bid, they were very competitive.  Angel was the most thorough of all the representatives that came to look at my job.  They were timely, clean, did quality work and completed the job with a team of 4 guys in one day.  When they were done Johnny showed me how everything worked.  I went up on the roof and he showed me the work and explained what they had done.  They used a crane to remove the old unit and put up the new one - I am on the Top floor unit in a 3 story building.  See the before and after photos!  I would highly recommend Southwest HVAC.

Mary Ellen K. Avatar
Mary Ellen K.

5 star ratingWe had interviewed several hvac companies to install air and heat in our home.  Service and product quality were important to us, so we decided to hire southwest.  Through the process, Julio and his staff were easy to communicate with and could be reached to address our questions and concerns.  I couldn't be happier to recommend this company!

orange s. Avatar
orange s.

5 star ratingI have been using Southwest for more than 3 years. I have multiple rental properties and they had installed a brand new system for me back in 2014 in Garden Grove.   As for city inspection, it passed the first time they came out. They come out every 6 months to do maintenance and I have never had a problem with the unit. They recently came out to do service and was prompt, efficient and quick.  Angel is the one I work with and he is honest, reasonable, and the workers are professional and does a great job. What more can you ask for?  Thank you Angel!

Lin L. Avatar
Lin L.

5 star ratingI have to agree with the other exceptional reviews; Southwest is great. The service technician, Mark, arrived as scheduled (and we were updated regarding time). He was knowledgeable and identified the problem efficiently. He had to order the part so he was back the next day to do the repair. He was able to explain the costs, which Southwest was completely transparent about. He did a good job. They scheduled the second visit to fit our work schedules. I won't hesitate to recommend them.

Jordan H. Avatar
Jordan H.

5 star ratingI had a new central AC system installed yesterday and today. The entire team was very professional. I was able to schedule a consultation for several days after my initial call. Oscar surveyed my property and provided me with a quote very promptly. Oscar and Julio both worked with me to review the quote, understand the product being ordered, and schedule prompt installation. The installers, Johnnie and Francisco were very professional and completed the job as scheduled. Overall, everyone I dealt with was prompt, on time, and easy to reach by phone and email. The permit inspections went smoothly. I am very pleased I chose this company.

Michelle P. Avatar
Michelle P.

5 star ratingThank you, Thank you.  My tenants had heating problems at the residence.  I made the call first thing Christmas Eve morning The office gave me a time frame this morning of response. Same day. She replied yes, when I asked can I be notified when the serviceman is enroute. It had been cold in the area, so I really needed to get this wall heater and thermostat fixed. Did I  say they have 4 kids too. Not even 30 minutes later, Mark had deduced the heater wire was in the wrong place (I guess when new flooring was laid) and he connected the wire at the thermostat that had come loose. He lit the pilot and moved the thermostat lever and whooshh!!!! I said Yayyy!!! ‍ Mark said Merry Christmas!!!I would use them again. This was a load off of my mind

Linda C. Avatar
Linda C.

5 star ratingWe chose Southwest HVAC for our property in Santa Monica, among 5 HVAC companies that we interviewed because of the confidence Tommy Demirjian gave us. He is an excellent communicator with strong passion for his job that he went above and beyond to complete the installation with city inspection and approval. He is a very sincere, hard working, accountable, and honest person. He responded promptly to my calls and text messages. My advice to home owners who are looking to fix/renovate home is to hire people/companies with strong work ethics and personal values/guiding principles like Tommy Demirjian.

Amisha Kamal K. Avatar
Amisha Kamal K.

5 star ratingWas very impressed with this company. Their operators were always available (I never got a vm). And the rep who came to the house, Fabian - he was awesome. Extremely personable and made a point to follow up days later to be sure all the Heating repairs were still working to our satisfaction. This will be my company for any HVAC needs. Thanks Fabian and Southwest!

Scott M. Avatar
Scott M.

5 star ratingThis company just installed central a/c and heating for me. They are very efficient and Angel made everything happen in 3 days. The men that he sent worked really hard to finish everything on time as Angel promised. They were respectful of my property and they wore masks while working as we were also inside the house at the same time. They came on time everyday and they cleaned up before leaving. They went out of their way and remove all of the old heaters and closed them out. I really appreciate their professionalism and the price is really good too and came with warranties. Thank you Southwest!

Sally B. Avatar
Sally B.

5 star ratingI found about this awesome crew from one of my friend he gave me their number I've been needing a replacement l, so I called got trough quick, got them to come out and give me a quote on what I need thanks Luis, so when I got my appointment they said we will be there at 10am, they got here exactly at 10am best thing is my time and I didn't want to loose work time and they worked with my schedule. Also shout out to the installers very professional very good work thanks again alex and Johnny. Highly recommended amazing job.

Peter H. Avatar
Peter H.

5 star ratingMy Company needed a Mini-split. I got 3 quotes from different vendors. SouthWest HVAC stood out because of Luis's professionalism and what they had to offer which included maintenance and support. On top of that, the price was good. The 1st inspection which was assessing the building  a second inspection occurred in prep for the install. They were very thorough. On the day off install, Luis's team was on time and started working immediately. The job was then completed on the promised time which was in one day. Luis, Alex, Edwin, and William did an excellent job with our Mini-split. Highly recommend this company for your HVAC needs.

Jimmy L. Avatar
Jimmy L.

5 star ratingGreat Communication with service center.  They promised to call when technician was on his way when I set the appointment and they called as promised.Hector was very knowledgeable and professional.  Attention to detail and service...Hector would not even enter my home before putting covers over his shoes.  He took the time to explain everything in detail and really did a great job fixing my unit.I would highly recommend.

Jeff A. Avatar
Jeff A.

5 star ratingWe are very happy with the installation of our AC Unit. The team was able to successfully install the unit and all vents in the timeframe they quoted. AC is a must in this heat, I'm glad we didn't wait any longer.

Jake B. Avatar
Jake B.

5 star ratingI got 4 estimates and Southwest HVAC had the best quote and gave me more for my money in warranty than the other places.  They were able to come out and give me a quote within a few days and able to install in a week.  Workers were great and cleaned up.  I would have preferred if they closed my front screen door every time they were in an out to keep the flies out...but other than that they were great.  My AC is wonderful and very quiet.  Love it!  I will be recommending them to all my friends and co-workers!  Please doing business with u Southwest HVAC.

Susan B. Avatar
Susan B.

5 star ratingWe called Southwest HVAC on a recommendation from my brother-in-law.  He thought highly of the service and was pleased with the price.  We got Tommy as our project manager.  He was knowledgeable and straightforward.  He advised us on what we should and shouldn't do and never tried to upsell.  The prices were resonable too.  So we went with getting our new AC system through southwest.  Tommy told us what we were going to do so there were no surprises.  The day of the install, Tommy even came by to check up on the progress.  His best quote was "I hope I don't see you for a long time" basically not because he wasn't friendly, but because if we ever saw him again, that would mean we had a problem. The installation was fast and we are very happy with our product.  The transition was seamless and now we have a great air conditioning system that we hope lasts for a long time.

Carlyle R. Avatar
Carlyle R.

5 star ratingThis crew was great. Our installation wasn't straightforward but they took their time to identify the best way of doing the installation. Given our Spanish Tile Rooftop the project got more complicated but they did a very clean job. The quote included everything and they helped us pull the permit. We just had a few hiccups rescheduling visits once we received the city's notes but that was not a big deal. They finished the whole job (installation, duct work, vents, etc) in two days. Highly recommended overall.

Ali K. Avatar
Ali K.

5 star ratingAt first I wrote these guys a negative review, which ultimately was the product of a miscommunication because of some staff turnover they had.  Since then the owner himself helped address the issue and correct the deficiencies.  Things happen, people change jobs, and life moves on.  Sometimes the consumer gets stuck in the middle.  The fact that they, months later, returned and fixed everything shows me that they do more than just get a sale and forget about the client later.  They make sure that the job is done right.  So for that and their efforts I had to give them 5 starts, I couldn't justify leaving them a bad review because of some ex employee issues especially not after they fixed it.  Communication is key, but it takes both sides to come to the table to find solutions.  Thankfully southwest did just that.  Customers can be crazy at times and expect things to be done way beyond what they are guaranteed or way outside of the agreement they signed.  I understand that and was not going down that path with what I was expecting.  Thankfully they agreed and as I said many times before corrected all of our issues.  A+ job in the end.

PS A. Avatar

5 star ratingProfessionalism: 5 starsCustomer Service: 5 starsPunctuality: 5 starsTechnicality: 5 starsCompetitive Pricing: 5 starsCleanliness after work: 5 starsAnother great service received from Southwest HVAC!One of my rental properties HVAC was on the verge of slow death, it was over 30 years old and it's a miracle nothing worse came out of it.  This time around I didn't need to start a bidding war against competitors I just called an Angel for help and the heavenly sky opened up I got a brand new HVAC better than ever.  From demolition to installation in a single day, stress-free for me and happy tenants, what can I say more, thumbs up!!

Michael C. Avatar
Michael C.

5 star ratingThank you thank you thank you sooooo much to Giovani to stop by my house and safe my kids and I from this weird heat wave. Super professional, clean, honest and great respectful attitude the best service I had hat for years. Ones again Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

Nelly G. Avatar
Nelly G.

5 star ratingWe just relocated our furnace to the attic, tplqced ducting throughout the house, and added a DAIKIN ac unit. We couldn't be happier with the quaof the service of these guys. They were careful around the house and fixed any glitches that inevitably occur during. Big job quickly and with high quality. Angel is a really knowledgeable and professional project manager and Edwin, Alex, and Selestiano are a great crew!

G C. Avatar
G C.