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5 star ratingSouthwest HVAC recently installed AC/heater in my home it was by far the best decision to work with them. When I first started looking for quotes, Southwest HVAC was my first quote. Angel was my project manage and showed up on time to our first meet and greet. He was by far the most professional, respectful, and most knowledgeable person I met compared the other two quotes I got from other companies. Angel, measured, recommended me on what was the best choice to go for. He explained each product, how they work, the warranties, and how they would do the job. It was a very comforting feeling to understand all that. Others companies just gave me a number/how long it will take and that was it. Angel took his time and made sure I made the best choice even if I didn't go with southwest. Within a couple hours, I called Angel let him know I chose Southwest HVAC. They came out the following week and got started on a Monday. Each they were there they explained what they were going to do that day and the plan to finish. They executed their plan well. It never really felt like they were working there. They were polite, respectful of our property and always kept us in the loop of what was going on. They protected and furniture/floors they may be working on. After they were done they did an excellent job on cleaning up each and every day. I was never once worried about what they were doing. They completed the project on a Thursday and took a total of 4 days to complete. The AC worked amazing and they patched the wall up where the old wall heater was and made it seem like if nothing was ever in that wall. The attention to detailed southwest HVAC uses is amazing. I'd recommend this company to anyone and everyone, if fact my neighbor was so impressive she also went with southwest HVAC to update her AC/heater system!Thank southwest HVAC! You guys did a phenomenal job. I'm enjoying the AC and can't wait to survive this summer in a cool home!

Anthony P. Avatar
Anthony P.

5 star ratingVery happy with finished product. The guys were friendly and efficient. Always on time. Kept my home clean. Had a small glitch and the came out immediately. Project manager Angel was on top of everything checked in 1-2 day. Had 4 estimates, including a friend and decided on SouthWest. Don't know why I waited so long for heating and AC. Great job, Angel!

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Lynn O.

5 star ratingI only write reviews for the best and the worst and I have to say this company is the best!! After waiting 9 years to finally install central air and heating I met with several companies, but after comparing them all South West price was the best. But it went further than that Luis was the reason I went with the company. He explained all the benefits and services they provided and even when i procrastinated he kept in touch. Well needless to say I had it done, I told him I wanted his best crew and although he said they we all good, I have to say Alex{Pee Wee} and Willie {Will} went above and beyond my home, a Spanish style has a flat roof and the space in there is so small I couldn't imagine it could be done...but Willie got in there[Amazing}. I cant give any higher recommendation than I can with Southwest, Luis, Alex and Willie #1 A++ And just to show you how awesome these guys are...I encountered a short with the 80 yr old wire to my doorbell and the Supervisor Edwin put on his protective gear and went up in that tight attic to help resolve the issue. These guys are Golden!!

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Chris J.

5 star ratingThere's nothing worse than the pandemic realization that you may be working from home for longer than anticipated in late April (in Los Angeles AND without HVAC). Luckily, the team at Southwest was super quick to respond, easy to work with, finished the job ahead of time, and now we're sitting in a nicely chilled 72 degree house wishing that we would have made this decision much sooner. Luis and his entire team were proactive, thoughtful, super communicative, and one of the best crews we've had work on our house so far. Huge, epic thanks to all of you!

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Rachel R.

5 star ratingThis company was the best! I called them and requested a same-day appointment for our furnace - since we needed to have it repaired ASAP for an upcoming inspection. Not only did they accommodate my request, but they scheduled it for just a few hours from the point that I called. Our technician - Fabian - showed up on the early side of the service window (a rarity!) and was incredibly friendly and chatty throughout his repairs. He would make sure I understood exactly what he was doing the whole time, and even cleaned our furnace as a courtesy! He needed to get a part from the warehouse for our repair, and was back within 20 minutes - which made me feel like he respected my time as much as his own. I would highly recommend Southwest HVAC to anyone in need of these services! Request Fabian!

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Cat M.

5 star ratingOur experience with Southwest has been great! I work full time so I emailed them to setup an appointment.  Julio got back to me and I had an appointment for later that week.  The start of the visit was like all others (we'd had 4 other vendors out before), but what impressed me most was that after the walk through, Julio showed me photos of previous jobs, BBB ratings, and proof of insurance.  The cherry on top?  He wrote me a quote on the spot!  He also followed up with a typed up one via email the next day.  All other vendors sent their quotes later, some I even had to contact to get the quote.  You've got to love transparency in business!My husband and Julio both emailed and spoke on the phone to go over questions.  By that weekend we decided to go with Southwest and by the following weekend we had central air and heat.  Yay!  It was THAT quick!Julio's team did a great job.  They worked hard, kept our place clean, were thorough and friendly, and finished earlier than planned.  They walked us through what they did when they finished and Julio also came by for a walk through and to ensure we were satisfied.  We were and are!I feel their prices are extremely reasonable (remember the amount of vendors we had come see us?), which includes proper permitting.  Since they're local, they know local code.  There are no hidden fees and their warranty/service is great.I wish I would have found Southwest first.  I probably would have gotten at least one other quote but definitely not as many as I did.  There's something to be said about building relationships and trust with your customers.  In Southwest's case, it says they end up with extremely happy customers!

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Marisol M.

5 star ratingMade appointment through Yelp on Wednesday, and they respond quickly and had tech out here today. Tech Fabian arrived at his scheduled time. Fabian kept me informed on issues with my system and did a great job conducting a maintenance on the system. I would highly recommend using Southwest HVAC for any HVAC need.

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Carlos D.

5 star ratingI recently had Southwest HVAC install A/C in my home, plus replace my antique furnace, ducts and electrical panel.  Basically had everything done. My first contact with Southwest was with Angel.  He was very professional, polite, informative; and really is the reason I decided to choose Southwest.  The install-techs were Edwin, Mark and Alex and they did an AMAZING job.  I have a very small attic with a very small access door and they had to be very creative getting the old furnace out and then installing the new larger furnace.  Edwin was so careful removing the molding that framed the attic access door and replacing it when everything was done.  They had to install two returns, since the original place for the return was so small.  So Edwin installed an additional return in the attic access door...... very creative.  Another thing that was sort of tricky about this install was that I didn't have any attic space above my back TV room, so they had to install exposed duct work on the roof.  Once again Edwin was very creative about the placement, making sure it's not noticeable from the street level.  Julio (he is the owner) and Joe (the install manager) stopped by a few times too to check on the progress and answer my many questions.  Julio even stopped by a few days later to install a new thermostat for me.  The customer service I received from EVERYONE at Southwest HVAC was the best.  I highly recommend won't be disappointed.p.s. I love my new Daikin A/'s so quiet.

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Charl A.

5 star ratingI wanted to improve and purify the indoor air quality in our home from germs, bacteria, VOC's, allergens and airborne viruses especially any exposure to the novel virus COVID-19. I called Southwest HVAC and spoke with none other then my favorite person in the world ANGEL - (he truly is). I shared by concerns and he recommended I install the Air Scrubber Plus. I read up about it and it filters 99% of airborne viruses in 24 hours. The Air Scrubber Plus uses a proprietary system that oxidizes air molecules by transforming them into hydrogen peroxide vapors (safe for humans and pets) which kills mold, viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air and on surfaces. Just make sure you create a vacuum when the system is on. It was a no brained! He scheduled me for the following week. I received text messages confirming my appointment and who my technician was. The day of the appointment I received a text that Edwin was in route. Edwin was superb! Just so friendly, had his mask on and was very professional. I was so excited about the technology that I ordered another for our guest house. No contact experience because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don't hesitate to hire these guys, you won't regret it. Black and orange! Black and orange! Many imitators, no duplicators. My one stop shop for all my HVAC  needs. Thank you Southwest HVAC!!!!!

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Em M.

5 star ratingThese technicians were efficient, timely, clean-working and friendly!!! From salesman Alberto Navarez to installers Alex and Stuart and finishing tech Edwin; these men were top notch!!! Thank you Southwest HVAC!!!

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Debra T.

5 star ratingFabian has always taken good care of us whenever we needed our HVAC serviced. He is timely, personable, knowledgeable, and professional.If you need an HVAC service or repair you can trust Southwest and I recommend that you ask for Fabian.

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Elijah C.

5 star ratingI've owned my home for 28 years and never thought I would need central heat/air since I live only 2 miles from the beach.  I would just suffer through a couple weeks each August and the rest of the year was mostly bearable with open doors and a couple fans.  However, the last three years have changed my mind as there have been many more weeks of really uncomfortable days and especially hot nights. Still, I thought the cost of a central system would be more than I would be comfortable paying for.  Then I met Angel Meza of Southwest HVAC at the LA County Fair.  Angel was very knowledgeable and I was instantly comfortable discussing my needs and considering him as the project manager on a possible heat and air solution. A couple weeks later, Angel met with me and provided several options for my home.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a complete central home HVAC system would cost almost half what I had always thought it would be. I met with several other HVAC company representatives over the next couple weeks.  Angel clearly offered the best option for my needs.  We agreed on the system and the work was scheduled for the next week.  I explained to Angel that part of my hesitation over the years was my childhood memory of how loud my family home HVAC system was.  Every 30 minutes or so, when the fan turned on, we had to turn up the TV!  Angel assured me that I would be happy with my new system.  I believe that he took additional steps to use larger plenums and larger ducting to ensure that my system would be quiet.  And wow, I can hardly tell when the fan is on!  The work was completed in the three days as promised and the installation was beautiful.  You would never know that it had not always been there.  Angel even worked with me to save my attic storage space by routing the duct system around the space that I wanted to keep open.  This took extra effort and time to route things in a less convenient way for the installers. He even had a light installed in the attic back where the main heat/fan unit was installed and included a switch at the entrance to the attic.  This was a really nice extra touch.  Finally, Angel arranged a separate contact who patched and painted the wall where the old floor furnace was removed and had his crew return to adjust my recessed ceiling lights that had separated from the ceiling a little from age and all the extra activity in the attic.  I cannot say enough about the wonderful service that Angel provided and would highly recommend Southwest HVAC to anyone thinking about installing a new system or having an older system replaced or serviced.

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Thomas F.

5 star ratingI recently installed my HVAC system back in February 2017, and couldn't be happier. No more suffering in the  summer and winter. Albert Nevarez (Project Manager) took the time to explain the whole HVAC system and answer our concerns. If you plan to get an HVAC system I recommend these guys. * Well-coordinated* Knowledgeable * On schedule* Great customer service

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Oscar J.

5 star ratingExcellent company. I had another HVAC company look at it first, and the other company claimed it would cost a lot more to fix our central heater problem. Mark came by and handled the issue in 30 minutes. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand what caused the problem with our heater in terms I could fully understand.Every question I had it became clear Mark was very highly trained and knows his stuff. The reviews on Yelp are accurate. I'm skeptical when everyone gives a company good reviews, but Mark and Southwest HVAC have proven to me they reflect the quality of their service and the high reviews are indeed accurate. I will only use this company for any HVAC concerns in the future. Thanks for the great service and peace of mind!

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Ryan S.

5 star ratingI tried going with a friend of a friend route who does it on the side thinking I was going to save money, but all I got was a waste of money, time, and different answers to the problem.  Thats when i decided to call a real repair man for my heater. Southwest is an honest company and everyone is nice and reliable. They definitely gained another customer.

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David G.

5 star ratingWhen you know of a good thing, it's important to share it with the community. That's what this review is all about.Recently, I engaged Southwest HVAC to replace and install a complete HVAC system, including new duct work, at my Torrance rental property. Angel Meza, my project manager, made this remote process seamless and pleasant. I use the word "remote" as I live in Northern CA, and all communications with Angel were done via phone, text, and email.During the August/September 2018 timeframe, the A/C unit on the rental was already presenting problems. After researching multiple vendors and having two go out to the property, a fix was supposedly made by one of the vendors. That failed very quickly. I knew that it was a matter of time before we had to replace the unit as it was almost 20-years-old. I sought and received several bids to replace the A/C only; A/C and furnace (the furnace as it was equally as old as the A/C); and the complete package of A/C, furnace, and duct work. The pricing was what stopped me on my tracks. As we entered the winter season, my tenants and I agreed that the A/C was not needed, given that I had already spent quite a bit putting in new appliances several months before.Fast forward to early January 2019. I received a message from my tenant that the furnace was now non-functional. It was blowing air but not hot air. At that point, I faced the hard truth that it was probably time to replace the entire HVAC system. However, I still held on hope and after re-reading more reviews from Yelp, I asked Southwest HVAC to send out a technician to diagnose the problem with the furnace. The diagnosis concluded with close to a $400 fix and also a long-term outlook that the units themselves were showing their ages. I went back and looked at the previous bids I had received plus requested a couple new ones. One of them was from Southwest HVAC, through Angel. I can not stress enough how working with Angel -- from requesting the estimate to figuring out logistics to actually installing the new system -- was as painless as it could possibly be. This despite the fact that I was physically not present at the rental the entire time. I glossed over a lot of the complexities of this project, including coordinating with the HOA, seeking access to the rooftop of the townhome rental through a neighbor's unit, and obtaining a crane to transport the A/C unit to the rooftop. (Southwest HVAC obtained the crane.) Over three days spread throughout a week, a complete Trane HVAC system (A/C is 5 tons 16 SEER, townhome is 2,051 square feet), plus new duct work, made its debut at the rental through Fabian Hernandez's capable installation leadership. I know the burning question everyone has is the price tag for this project. I have to say that I am confident I received a fair deal. Most importantly for me though, the peace of mind and superior customer service I achieved throughout this entire process were well worth it.P.S. For those of you who are interested, the other vendors I reached out to included (in alphabetical order) Advantage Air; Cornett Plumbing & Heating; Danny's South Bay Heating and Cooling; Manny's Heating & Air Conditioning; Southland Heating and Air Conditioning; and Stephens Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning.

Serena T. Avatar
Serena T.

5 star ratingThank you thank you thank you sooooo much to Giovani to stop by my house and safe my kids and I from this weird heat wave. Super professional, clean, honest and great respectful attitude the best service I had hat for years. Ones again Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

Nelly G. Avatar
Nelly G.

5 star ratingWe have used this company twice and both times they were the best price, did the best work, had great customer service and showed up on time. They are hard workers and very knowledgeable. The reviews don't lie. Great company and great service.

Melissa R. Avatar
Melissa R.

5 star ratingBill G.I had Southwest HVAC install a Heater, Air conditioner and new duct work in my house.  Tommy was the project manager. He came to my house, provided an estimate, and put my mind at ease about the project. I received 3 quotes from various HVAC installers.  After reviewing and comparing estimates, I decided that Southwest HVAC was the best value for the system specifications I wanted. I like the Trane System best. Tommy was knowledgeable, personable, and was not utilizing any high pressure sales tactics, which would have upset me.Tommy was able to get the job scheduled for the following week. A few days before the system was installed he did a walk-thru with me on what was going to happen before the install and what parts they would need to complete the install.  This was to make sure they had everything they needed to complete the project on time. When it came time for my HVAC install, the team showed up on time and got working. They pumped out a full HVAC install; compressor, furnace, ducting in just 2 days! I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work or the technicians who came to the house. The installer was great; he was courteous, good-natured, and obviously quite skilled and explained everything they were doing. The installation went smoothly and according to schedule, which I appreciated.Tommy and Edwin made sure to stop by every day or so to check in on the status of the install. They worked diligently and took care to clean up after themselves throughout the day.   After everything was installed, they invited me up to the attic and showed me every piece of my new system and how it worked. We said our goodbyes and I enjoyed my first evening with fully functional central heat and air.Seriously, these guys do top notch work and make sure to take care of their customers. It's not unusual for a contractor to finish the job and disappear immediately after, never to be heard from again. Southwest HVAC will not do that to you.From start to finish, Southwest HVAC was easy to deal with and this was a good experience. The units themselves look great, are quiet, and are a big improvement over what I had previously.If I ever have to have another unit replaced, I will call them without question.  Thank you to Tommy and the techs that did the install!

Bill G. Avatar
Bill G.

5 star ratingJulio and his team were amazing! We were updating our old and outdated system. After shopping around, we found Southwest wasn't the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but certainly the best value! They were patient, answered all our thousands of questions, and we're very thorough! When it came down to the work and our decision to choose Southwest we found them to be prompt, honest, efficient, and friendly. The technicians who did the work were professional, well groomed (Danny), and respectful. If ever in the future we have any HVAC needs, Julio and his team's contact is saved and will be our only call.

Brandon S. Avatar
Brandon S.

5 star ratingDuctless Mini-Split InstallationWe couldn't be happier with our experienceThere aren't many reviews of Ductless Mini-split system installations on the internet so we were unsure about how many companies had experience installing them. We had 4 companies come in for quotes. One of the things that eased our concerns is that we could tell from the beginning that Angel from Southwest HVAC had personally been overseeing these installations for a while. His knowledge of the details of the process as it would pertain to our individual townhome was apparent, as was his integrity. We trusted that he, and the company, would deliver a thorough, clean and precise job start to finish. A few of the other reps that came in for quotes seemed like reps and only reps and didn't really know the ins and outs of an install. It seemed as though they sold Moini-splits, and knew how to install them generally but had never personally done it. A couple highlights:- They say that they will come in and set up early, and then clean everything up before they leave each day. This is unbelievably true and amazing. There is a lot that goes on during the installation that makes a huge mess. To their credit, at the end of each day, they cleaned the house up spick and span like they were never there. It really helped us relax at night time bc our house felt like our house, not a war zone. You don't think about something like this but trust me, it is a fantastic service they provide. - Finishing Touches. Our townhome is very nice inside with nice clean paint, window trims, crown molding, etc. They make a mess during these huge installations and you worry about them leaving holes or not patching correctly and the work standing out afterward. You dont want to look at a wall and see an apparent mark and say "oh that's where they put the hole" forever. I can't say enough about the skill of the finisher. We had maybe 15 holes in different walls and ceilings during our install and I cannot tell you with accuracy exactly where they were. This guy was amazing, it looks like there was never any work done in our place and these mini-split systems just showed up. I'm a RE agent and I can tell you that this guy has talent, he even matched texture on a few walls. Unbelievable. - Install team. It was a 4-man with one major team captain that oversaw all 4 installers and in our case his name was Edwin. Edwin was Awesome, you could tell he knew exactly what he was doing and what everyone else in the team was doing. He was also a master problem solver. Every home is different, and these guys didn't build the house, so there are going to be unforeseen small issues that need to be worked around in any install. Edwin and his team were fantastic at anticipated and dealing with anything that came up. Angel also poked his head in during multiple points during the install, he was always around and available for any questions or concerns- Their promise. Angel promised when they gave their quote that the quoted price was a final number and we would not pay a penny more no matter what happened. SW HVAC were true to their word. The install, clean up, and finishing touches were all taken care of without ever a mention of an increase in price. They took care of us start to finish. - They even took care of our old furnace. They brought in an asbestos team to remove the furnace and any potential asbestos, and turned the space into a new closet. If you are looking for AC and in our case more specifically a ductless mini-split, you should give these guys a call. They were honest, upfront, and did their job start to finish just how they said they would, and even exceeded my expectations for the project. We now have a very cool Townhome.

Garrison C. Avatar
Garrison C.

5 star ratingAlbert came out yesterday for an estimate and project planning. He arrived promptly on time, was professional and courteous. Discussed options with my wife and myself and made us feel comfortable with the whole process. When the time comes to get the project done we will gladly bring on him and his team.

Shaun M. Avatar
Shaun M.

5 star ratingWe called Southwest to come look at our heater that had been acting up. I only had limited availability and Jasmine worked to get the technician there promptly. The technician, Giovani, arrived on time, was professional, communicative and quickly identified the issue (bad flame sensor). I also asked him for an estimate to replace the HVAC unit and he gave a reasonable estimate on the spot. I'm very satisfied with the service provided and when it's time to replace the HVAC, we'll definitely consider Southwest.

Christina G. Avatar
Christina G.

5 star ratingEchoing what everyone else said, you don't just carry a 5-star rating from 250+ people for no reason, you EARN it. Southwest HVAC did just that. Luis is THE HOMIE! He was our project manager for this job. From the second we met, we got along great. He was kind, knowledgeable, and did everything in his power to give me the best bid he could for the job. Ultimately, they ended up replacing + relocating our furnace to the attic, running new duct work throughout our entire home, and installing central AC as well. Every single technician that stepped foot into our house was kind, worked hard + efficiently. The job took about a weeks time-- Luis was communicative and let me know what was going on every step of the way. His way of working is especially helpful for those of us who are new to the renovation process-- I learned a lot along the way and never felt lost. Overall, everything is working great so far! Couldn't be happier!! Our experience was amazing, and I'd recommend them to anyone needing HVAC work done in a heartbeat.

Erin H. Avatar
Erin H.

5 star ratingExcellent communication and service from beginning to end. Angel Meza and the rest of the Southwest HVAC crew provide 5 star service and do not play any games or gimmicks. The installers are friendly, professional, and most of all clean! Big thanks to Rodrigo. Definitely recommend Southwest HVAC!

Jonathan M. Avatar
Jonathan M.

5 star ratingFabian was very informative, nice, and thorough, as he fixed a wall heater. Yelp says my review (in the paragraph above) is too short, so here is some padding. I would not be bothering to take the time to review a company if I did not like it. So yelp, just deal with my short review! Why should i hype it up? I've said what i have to say. I like this company, but I'm not gonna marry it or write a passionate love letter. I've got things to do! They are a good company. There. That's it.

Pallace F. Avatar
Pallace F.

5 star ratingHad my air conditioner go out right before the heat wave.  Looked on Yelp and found Southwesst HVAC.  Technician came out next day, found the problem and also found a crack in the 10yr+ heater.  Since the air conditioner was older than the heater decided to go for a new system.  Hector gave me a great price and installers were out next day.  Couldn't ask for more professional installers.  They were even very comfortable dealing with my attention seeking dog.  Got the current best system for residential (I looked it up on Google) with 12 year warranty and they come out to change filter and get ready for the season in fall and spring.  Had an issue with power going out, called and again great service.  Had a technician out same day (a Sat).  Took a look and said needed their electrician to look at it..  Electrician out, found the problem--needed a new breaker.  He went to store, brought one back , installed and I'm good to go.  NO CHARGE!!  this is despite not knowing whether it was installation that caused the problem or just an old breaker.Can't say enough about how gracious and professional this company is from the receptionist that takes care of all the calls and see's that people get back to you to Hector and Julio that make the place run.  Also a shout out to Yelpers,  you've never steered me wrong.  Have gotten great service from local Long Beach businesses  that people have written about.

Teka S. Avatar
Teka S.

5 star ratingGreat customer service. From setting up appointment to the actual service provided by Mark O.  I had a couple questions prior to my service which were promptly answered. Also, Mark was courteous and professional.

Jose L. Avatar
Jose L.

5 star ratingI can't say enough good things about Julio and Southwest HVAC.  I had a very complicated job...some companies didn't even think it was possible for me to install central heat and air because of the low clearance in my attic.  But the Southwest crew got it done quickly, cleanly and best of all, cheaply!  Additionally, when I discovered a small amount of damage from the install 3 weeks later, Julio had someone out the very same day to repair it.  I couldn't believe it.  I've done a lot of work on my properties and hired a lot of different people; my experience with Southwest HVAC was by far the best.  i honestly didn't think you could still get the kind of fantastic service that Southwest delivers.

Annie S. Avatar
Annie S.

5 star ratingThese guys were amazing! My AC was not cooling anything. I called on a Wed during an awful heat wave, they came out the next day. There were a few issues with my unit, and I had to leave it turned off for a night, but they were right back the next day at exactly the time they said, no appt window the next day. They knew my dog and I were miserable, and they got the unit to cool down the house in no time. I will always call these guys first!!!

Molly A. Avatar
Molly A.

5 star ratingLet me start by saying i would recommend this company to anybody their work ethics were superb!!! Angel explained everything that they were going to do top to bottom everything he said they were going to do was done 100% their workers Miguel and Manuel were clean and efficient and both had a great knowledge of AC and Heating systems Southwest HVAC, should be proud your guys you are the best in my opinion.Thank You!!!

Russell G. Avatar
Russell G.

5 star ratingAir conditioning was not working as well as before, so I found this company through Yelp and had them come out and check.  Fabian arrived early and was very nice.  He checked the air ducts and vents to make sure they were set correctly.  Turns out the AC unit needed cleaning (last service was about 5 years ago) and additional freon.  System is now working well and seems to cool the house more efficiently than before.  Would recommend this service.

A G. Avatar
A G.

5 star ratingFirst and foremost, I want to give a huge shoutout to LUIS SANCHEZ for the hard work, diligence, and care he put into our project as project manager. Our house did not have a central HVAC system and with sweltering hot LA weather, coupled with work from home orders due to COVID, we needed to have A/C in our home so that we can work comfortably through this endless pandemic. We shopped around quite a bit but decided to go with Luis and his crew -- they are professional and have incredible attention to detail. I mean, Luis came through during the estimate process with booties, mask, and provided us with a paper estimate on the spot! That did not happen with the other companies we've talked with. When it came down to the work, they were fast and efficient. They took a week to complete the project and have followed up with us on multiple occasions to ensure all parts worked properly. They were also flexible and accommodating, especially during times when we were unsure about the direction of some aspects of the project (our home is configured quite weird so there were a lot of "brainstorming sessions" about how to run ductwork and placement of vents, etc). Not once were they visibly frustrated during times of indecision - which is damn good professionalism in my books. Now, I'm comfortably enjoying A/C during this ridiculous heat wave - all thanks to Luis and his team at Southwest HVAC! Thank you for treating us like fam, y'all earned yourself a loyal customer!

Anna C. Avatar
Anna C.

5 star ratingI'm very pleased with the customer service they provided. From the when I first made contact, to keeping me informed of the appointment times and whom the tech was.

Imelda T. Avatar
Imelda T.

5 star ratingWhen I called southwest, I spoke directly to the owner who was very honest and trustworthy. He scheduled an appt for the next day. They sent Ryan, who was an excellent service guy. Backstory: I had a different company come out and charge $150 for an AC tuneup and all they did was a visual inspection then wanted to up-sell me and charge outrageous prices to clean my coils @ $380 per unit (I have two units). So I called Southwest hvac to compare prices and they quoted half the price @$165/unit for cleanings. Then once Ryan got here, he ended up cleaning my coils for free because he said they weren't that dirty. So I signed up for a 2 yr service plan where they clean coils and replace filters once/yr. for $300. So that's only $150 per year to replace filters and do cleanings during the tuneup + 20% off all other services. That's a good deal and a super honest company. I searched around and after finding these guys, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Melissa B. Avatar
Melissa B.

5 star ratingThis review is really late, but I wanted to write it because Southwest HVAC did such a great job. I hired them to install a new furnace in my attic (the old one was in a downstairs closet), and to install new central air conditioning (with all new ducting and vents). As everybody else has said, Julio was awesome, their price was good, and their workmanship was great--and fast. We had them pull permits, and everything passed on the first inspection. Julio and his crew went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them in the future if needed.

S.J. A. Avatar
S.J. A.

5 star ratingTommy came out for an estimate and explained all of the options we had very clearly and was able to address all of our questions and concerns. He got us set up with installation very quick, and the whole process was extremely smooth. Tommy was very helpful and responsive throughout the process. Very reasonable price, would definitely recommend.

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Hans V.

5 star ratingI had a wonderful experience with Southwest HVAC.  They installed a new furnace and air condition in our home last week.  They were careful not to get in your way.  They clean up completely after themselves, wherever they work.  They pay a lot of attention to detail and the quality of their work.  They installed new ducts in my bathrooms and even managed to put a new duct in my kitchen, where I needed the AC the most:)  I'm so happy, thanks to Julio and Izzy for accomplishing this.  The team is extremely professional and courteous, great guys!  Edwin and Peewee I miss you guys, thank you for your hard work and fabulous job!  It was a very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend them.

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Shivani P.

5 star ratingOur AC evaporator coil had a leak so Julio and his team came out to check it out. They were very friendly and professional and Julio took the time to explain the situation and our options. We set up a service date when they came for the repairs they were punctual, professional, and explained the process every step of the way. They even took care of the mold damage that developed from the leak, making the unit and the closet its in both look as good as new. Overall, Southwest went above and beyond in their service and I would not hesitate to call them again whenever we have HVAC needs in the future. I highly recommend them.. Thanks Southwest!

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Daniel B.

5 star ratingIt's been a surprisingly warm summer here in the South Bay and, while we held out as long as we could, sustained temperatures above 85 F in the house finally broke us.  We called around to several local HVAC contractors and did our due Yelp diligence as well.  Southwest's Yelp responses looked too good to be true, frankly, but as it turned out, these guys are a class act.  They will work with you to ensure you understand the scope of the installation, why they're recommended the system they suggest, price the components and labor, and come back to deal with the aesthetics (their drywall guy is an artist).We ended up with a 4-ton Carrier, slimline condenser next to the house, coil in the attic.  The attic space was sufficiently cramped as to require Julio and his team to pull the old (age: 17) furnace and re-install both coil and new furnace perpendicular to the original placement.  I was a bit skeptical about this--and indicated that I wasn't necessarily (at all) interested in a new furnace (this is Redondo Beach, not International Falls, Minnesota, after all, so I doubt the old furnace saw much of a workout)--but after lengthy discussion, I was convinced that this was probably the best approach to getting the new air conditioning in and working.Julio's installation team was professional, on time, and hard-working.  They went straight to it, taped down plastic draping everywhere they thought they might go, and completed everything in three days.  Slight SNAFU with the new furnace--it was a lower-efficiency model than the one quoted--but we caught that and informed the crew, and the right one showed up the following day.  Drywall and exterior vent line cosmetics were all handled with the same professionalism and care, and the unit performs spectacularly well.  Nice job, guys.  And we're much cooler.  Which of course was the point of the whole thing.

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Fred K.

5 star ratingThis crew is absolutely the best. The quote included everything. We live in Long Beach, so it included pulling permits before and waiting for the inspection after. The other company wanted $1000 just for the permit. I can see why cuz the city is a royal pain to deal with. At any rate, the two guys who did the installation did all the duct work, vents and installation of the unit in just 2 days! Then they had an independent company do the Hertz testing, It went so smooth. Professional from beginning to end!

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Helen T.

5 star ratingHad an amazing experience with this company. My heater wasn't working properly and they came in and immediately knew what the problem was and fixed it for a very reasonable price. Excellent service and amazing prices. I took advantage of their Yelp deal of paying $50 for $100 worth of service. Furthermore, they have a deal where your heating and AC will be serviced three times a year for a reasonable one time price. I normally don't do Yelp reviews but I was so impressed with them I had to give a shout out!! If you're looking to service your heating or AC unit, look no further, this place and their technicians are the best!!!!

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Ramzey G.

5 star ratingA+. They set up my central AC/Heating unit in my condo. It looks like it came with the unit! I saw Angel working on a unit in my complex and he walked me through the whole process. He had his guys come in after a week and they did a great job with the installation and clean up. Any questions I had they were able to answer. The team of Jonny, Guillermo, and Transito were very professional, fast and highly recommended. Many of my neighbors go through them for their HVAC and now I know why.

Adrian G. Avatar
Adrian G.

5 star ratingGreat service! They were quick to respond and come the next day. Mark was friendly and was excellent in communicating. I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone. He was clean and wore gloves and a mask because of this pandemic. I will definitely call them again this coming winter to have them service my heater.

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Bianca P.

5 star ratingThese guys are great! Very professional, showed up on time, very thorough from the estimate   to finishing the work. we had to replace our old nonworking r-22 ac with a new r-410 unit. Pricing is competitive but I think you get some extras with this company that you are not going to get with others. They added an extra air intake, replaced all the vent/grills, moved the thermostat to a better location, and even filled the hole left in the old location. Angel did a great job explaining the estimate and overseeing the job from start to finish. I would highly recommend Southwest.

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Mark R.

5 star ratingMy wife and I chose Southwest HVAC to install our heating & AC system about two years ago. We were very impressed with the whole experience; from the price, to the quality of their work and product. Because of our experience, my wife recommended to her parents to have Southwest install a heating and air conditioning system for them also. The design of their 1912 two-story home presented quite a challenge for installing a heating and air conditioning system. However, Angel, the project foreman, evaluated the situation and developed the plans  for the installation. He took the needed time to explain everything to our satisfaction about the details of the project and what to expect. Edward and Alex were the installers and they were both efficient, friendly, and professional. My in-laws and my wife and I are well pleased with how everything turned out and we will recommend Southwest to others in the future.

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Alexander H.

5 star ratingIf you want your A/C and heating job done right, and fairly priced, then call Julio at Southwest HVAC.  I was immediately impressed with his manner of presentation, ability to fully explain exactly what the job would entail, and the cost breakdown, and his assurance of my satisfaction.  His crew was prompt, professional and very clean from start to finish.  Mine was a new install in an old lathe and plaster house in Belmont Shore, but Julio's crew installed the entire system in two days without any damage to the surrounding plaster, and even removed the old floor unit and patched the opening with a subfloor.  Having had a contracting business of my own, I can assure you Southwest HVAC are as good as they come.  Go for it.  I'm tellin' ya, these guys are the best.

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Bruce D.

5 star ratingProfessionalism: 5 starsCustomer Service: 5 starsPunctuality: 5 starsTechnicality: 5 starsCompetitive Pricing: 5 starsCleanliness after work: 5 starsAnother great service received from Southwest HVAC!One of my rental properties HVAC was on the verge of slow death, it was over 30 years old and it's a miracle nothing worse came out of it.  This time around I didn't need to start a bidding war against competitors I just called an Angel for help and the heavenly sky opened up I got a brand new HVAC better than ever.  From demolition to installation in a single day, stress-free for me and happy tenants, what can I say more, thumbs up!!

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Michael C.

5 star ratingWe had 3 quotes for our new heating and A/C system. Of the 3 quotes, only Izzy actually got into the crawl space and went to the back of the attic and checked out what he could. The other two companies peered in and then came down to quote. SW HVAC came back with the best bid by and although another firm said they guarantee they beat, why go with someone who was higher and wants to see what the other guys doing? The third company was interesting in that they wouldn't quote the A/C because they said homes in our area are very difficult to work in and the homes don't lend themselves to easy modifications (huh?, do they only want easy jobs?)Julio and Izzy met with my wife and I, we went over the HVAC systems and we added a air cleaner in addition to a much more advanced filter. Also, they created two zones controlled by Nest thermostats. We didn't realize how bad our heating system was until SW installed our system and it has been like a different home since then. My wife wanted the A/C and although this isn't the right season for it, we'll be ready for it next summer. It was Julio who went into our attic and found a great way to route the copper tubes to the A/C condenser through our home without having to risk it being routed over the roof to the second story. It looks very good.Julio has been nothing but professional and courteous. What I really like is his personal responsiveness. Many times the head of a company will give you their cell number for texting but 9 times out of 10, they never respond to texts. Julio responded to every text in a timely fashion and never forgot what he promised. That is very rare and my wife and I have dealt with many contractors in the past. Their crew is hard working  (Joney, Francisco, Johnny, Alex, Alfonso) and will try and stay past quitting time to resolve things before they go home. They are professional, tidy, and lwill eave your home better than before. I would add that whenever we use contractors, get involved so you know what to expect and aren't surprised later.

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Barry L.

5 star ratingSouthwest HVAC recently installed a AC/Heater at my home and I am very impressed with the professionalism that the workers from Johnny and Omar showed.  Angel Meza, project manager gave a detailed explanation how to maximize the AC unit in my house.  He answered all my questions thoroughly and was very professional.  As far as the work, the workers installed the AC unit in 4 days.  There was no issues during the installation and everything ran smoothly.  The workers always kept the area cleaned at the end of the day.  Southwest HVAC comes highly recommended.

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Le N.