5 star ratingI'd like to clear up E T's review.  I am actually the homeowner and the purchaser of the AC installation from Southwest HVAC.  The one person who was home the whole time of the installation from 8am to almost 7pm that night on Oct. 31st.  I normally avoid writing too many yelp reviews just because it's hard to distinguish the truth on here. A few bad reviews can ruin someone's business.  In this case, I felt the need to speak up in the workers defense that day. I think Mark, Francisco, and Edward were really great at executing the installation without much disruption to me working in my room.  The Southwest team would have had more time to clean up in E T's room and such had I not hustle them out since it was Halloween night to spend some time with their kids or plans they might have had that night.  And of course, Joe, the general manager was kind enough to stop by within an hour after he was informed that my sister was upset with a slight oversight in her room and try to remedy the situation.I know that customer satisfaction is their priority and it would not be fair to take them down a notch based on one not so good review so I thought I'd share my side of the story.....

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Jalana T.

Heating Maintenance Downey

Southwest HVAC provides affordable and convenient heating maintenance services to clients throughout the Downey region. If you’re searching for a service that can help you avoid expensive HVAC breakdowns, our heating technicians are always ready to help. If you’d like to request a quote from our team or ask questions about our Downey heating maintenance solutions, call Southwest HVAC today!

Protect Your Heater with Heater Maintenance Services in Downey!

If you want to get the most from your heating system, a maintenance service is a cost-effective solution. So, what are the benefits of a heating maintenance service in Downey?

• Protect Your System’s Heating Capabilities
• Prevent Future Breakdowns
• Prepare Your Heater for Colder Temperatures
• Reduce Your Heater’s Energy Consumption
• Add Years to the Functional Life of Your Heating System

Call Southwest HVAC today if you have any additional questions about the advantages outlined above. We’re always happy to provide answers to questions about our Downey heating maintenance services!

Downey Heater Maintenance Company

So, what does our heating maintenance service include? We’ll start by inspecting every part of your heating system. Once we determine the condition of your heater, we’ll make adjustments or repairs to faulty parts. We’ll test your heater afterward to ensure it’s operating at full capacity before we leave your property!

We Work Around Your Schedule!

Unlike other heating maintenance services in the Downey area, we’re always happy to provide custom heating maintenance schedules to our local clients. We’ll develop a schedule that works with your calendar and budget. Call our Downey office today if you’d like to arrange a custom heating maintenance schedule!

Why Choose Southwest HVAC for Downey Heater Maintenance?

• We have more than a decade of experience in maintaining and repairing heating systems.
• We can help you protect any type of heating system from future performance problems.
• We’re a one-stop-shop for all your Downey HVAC needs.
• We offer no-cost estimates to all our heating maintenance clients.
• We inspect every component of your heating system.
• We’re always happy to provide advice and guidance to clients.
• We’ve helped 100s of HVAC clients in Downey – we’re a local company.

Request a No-Cost Downey Heating Maintenance Estimate Today!

There’s no need to wait to benefit from our heating maintenance services at Southwest HVAC. Call our team today to schedule your first visit. You can also request our services using our online service request form!

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