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5 star ratingDuctless Mini-Split InstallationWe couldn't be happier with our experienceThere aren't many reviews of Ductless Mini-split system installations on the internet so we were unsure about how many companies had experience installing them. We had 4 companies come in for quotes. One of the things that eased our concerns is that we could tell from the beginning that Angel from Southwest HVAC had personally been overseeing these installations for a while. His knowledge of the details of the process as it would pertain to our individual townhome was apparent, as was his integrity. We trusted that he, and the company, would deliver a thorough, clean and precise job start to finish. A few of the other reps that came in for quotes seemed like reps and only reps and didn't really know the ins and outs of an install. It seemed as though they sold Moini-splits, and knew how to install them generally but had never personally done it. A couple highlights:- They say that they will come in and set up early, and then clean everything up before they leave each day. This is unbelievably true and amazing. There is a lot that goes on during the installation that makes a huge mess. To their credit, at the end of each day, they cleaned the house up spick and span like they were never there. It really helped us relax at night time bc our house felt like our house, not a war zone. You don't think about something like this but trust me, it is a fantastic service they provide. - Finishing Touches. Our townhome is very nice inside with nice clean paint, window trims, crown molding, etc. They make a mess during these huge installations and you worry about them leaving holes or not patching correctly and the work standing out afterward. You dont want to look at a wall and see an apparent mark and say "oh that's where they put the hole" forever. I can't say enough about the skill of the finisher. We had maybe 15 holes in different walls and ceilings during our install and I cannot tell you with accuracy exactly where they were. This guy was amazing, it looks like there was never any work done in our place and these mini-split systems just showed up. I'm a RE agent and I can tell you that this guy has talent, he even matched texture on a few walls. Unbelievable. - Install team. It was a 4-man with one major team captain that oversaw all 4 installers and in our case his name was Edwin. Edwin was Awesome, you could tell he knew exactly what he was doing and what everyone else in the team was doing. He was also a master problem solver. Every home is different, and these guys didn't build the house, so there are going to be unforeseen small issues that need to be worked around in any install. Edwin and his team were fantastic at anticipated and dealing with anything that came up. Angel also poked his head in during multiple points during the install, he was always around and available for any questions or concerns- Their promise. Angel promised when they gave their quote that the quoted price was a final number and we would not pay a penny more no matter what happened. SW HVAC were true to their word. The install, clean up, and finishing touches were all taken care of without ever a mention of an increase in price. They took care of us start to finish. - They even took care of our old furnace. They brought in an asbestos team to remove the furnace and any potential asbestos, and turned the space into a new closet. If you are looking for AC and in our case more specifically a ductless mini-split, you should give these guys a call. They were honest, upfront, and did their job start to finish just how they said they would, and even exceeded my expectations for the project. We now have a very cool Townhome.

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Heating Repair Downey

Downey is famous for its summer heat, but winter temperatures can be equally as extreme. If your heater breaks down when the temperatures drop, our team at Southwest HVAC is ready to fix the problem immediately. We understand the importance of keeping our clients' HVAC systems in top condition!

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There's no need to suffer this winter – our repair team is here to provide prompt and reliable heating repair solutions to Downey residents. If you're sick and tired of working with unreliable HVAC repair teams, our locally-owned service is the perfect alternative. We've helped 100s of happy clients repair their heaters in Downey!

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Furnaces are an extremely popular heating appliance for many Downey residents. If your furnace is causing problems, we have more than a decade of experience in providing repair services. We can fix any type of furnaces sold in the United States.

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There's no need to wait for heating repair services if you can't afford the upfront costs. Our financing options make it easy to access low-cost lending if you need to fix your heater this winter. Feel free to call our office if you'd like to ask about spreading your repair costs across multiple payments.

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