5 star ratingIts about 4 years since I had Southwest Install my AC. Finally it started to have some problems with the secondary drain draining too much and the compressor fan making noise. So the Technician named Fernando came out and immediately found the problem and fixed it. He then ordered the Compressor fan and replaced it today. Fernando was fast, efficient , and courteous. I looked for my paperwork and found out it was still under warranty. Southwest honored the warranty. They put that central air and heat in my house in 2 days from nothing. No ducts, nothing but a wall heater. And it was approved by the city permit dept. We have been running that AC relentlessly. I'm trying to convince my brother have Southwest install central air in my moms house. Also from the service call to being at my house was very very fast. Unbelievably good service.

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William A.

AC Installation Ladera Heights

Installing a new air conditioner in Ladera Heights is simple and straightforward if you choose Southwest HVAC for the job. Our team has more than a decade of experience providing air conditioning installation solutions to our clients in our service area. We ensure that our residential and commercial customers never have to worry about long turnaround times or high installation prices.

If you’re ready to request a visit from an AC installation technician, please call 1-877-870-4822 today to get started with Southwest HVAC!

Ladera Heights AC Installation Company

If you’d like to install a new air conditioner in Ladera Heights, we’re here to make the process hassle-free. Our team of experienced AC technicians can discuss your options and help you determine which AC system is best for your needs and budget. We can source all types of air conditioners from the leading brands and suppliers.

Our installation approach ensures that you have nothing to worry about – we’ll take care of every stage of the implementation process.

Ladera Heights AC Installation Financing

If you need AC installation services in Ladera Heights, California, you might be searching for a contractor that can offer in-house financing. At Southwest HVAC, we streamline the process of applying for AC installation financing. If you’re ready to access a loan to help you cover the cost of a new climate control system, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Why Choose Southwest HVAC?

• We have more than ten years of HVAC installation experience.
• We can install all types of AC systems.
• We won’t charge you for an AC installation estimate.
• Our team is licensed and insured.
• We’re a local company in Ladera Heights.
• We can source the best available air conditioning systems in California.

Free AC Installation Estimates in Ladera Heights

If you need an AC or condenser installation estimate from a professional AC company, don’t hesitate to contact Southwest HVAC for more information. We can offer no-cost estimates over the phone to Ladera Heights business owners and residents. Call us at 1-877-870-4822 to speak to our team at Southwest HVAC!

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