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5 star ratingWe have multiple properties and have another company under contract to take care of our heating/cooling/electrical/plumbing needs.  When our home air conditioner stopped working a few days ago, we called them to come out.  Long story, they said our unit was shot, not worth putting money into and a new system would cost $10,000.  Well, before I spend that kind of money I'm going to get a second opinion.I yelped and found Southwest HVAC, who were the highest rated.  Frank came out exactly on schedule, found the defective part, had one in his truck and 20 minutes later, our system was back on track!  Cost?  $280.00!  He did say that we would need a new system in a couple of years and advised us to start saving as a good system would run $6,500-$7,000.  Still $3,000 less than our contract-company!I wish there were more stars to give!Jim B

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AC Installation Downey

A brand-new air conditioner can help you take back control of your home’s internal temperatures. If you’re ready to benefit from a new AC system, our air conditioning technicians at Southwest HVAC are here to help. We can install any type of residential or commercial AC for our Downey clients.

If you’d like more information about our HVAC services in Downey, please call our local office!

Downey AC Installation Services

Whether it’s a single-room unit or a large central AC system, our HVAC technicians have the skills, experience, and expertise to complete the installation project. We provide realistic turnaround times and affordable prices to all Downey residents and business owners. If you can’t last another day without an air conditioner, there’s only one Downey HVAC contractor you should call!

Downey Condenser Installation Services

For large HVAC systems, a condenser is required to collect and cool air. If you need a condenser installed outside your property, it’s critical to contact an HVAC contractor that has extensive condenser experience. We’ve helped countless Downey residents and business owners harness the power of condensers!

Apply for Air Conditioning Installation Financing in Downey

Unlike other AC installation companies in Downey, we provide affordable access to financing options. If you want to spread the cost of your AC installation across multiple payments, we have in-house finance solutions that can help streamline the process. Feel free to contact us about AC installation loans if you don’t want to pay for the entire project upfront!

Why Choose Us?

• We offer quick and reliable HVAC installation services in Downey.
• We’re a locally owned AC installation company.
• We can install any type of AC system in Downey.
• We have in-house financing options available.
• We don’t charge money for quotes.
• Our team is licensed, insured, and very experienced!
• We can provide testimonials from other Downey residents and business owners.

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Ready to install a brand-new AC on your property? Southwest HVAC is an enthusiastic group of AC experts that’s always eager to take on new projects in the Downey area. You can call our office or request an AC installation directly through our website.

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