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5 star ratingWe had 3 quotes for our new heating and A/C system. Of the 3 quotes, only Izzy actually got into the crawl space and went to the back of the attic and checked out what he could. The other two companies peered in and then came down to quote. SW HVAC came back with the best bid by and although another firm said they guarantee they beat, why go with someone who was higher and wants to see what the other guys doing? The third company was interesting in that they wouldn't quote the A/C because they said homes in our area are very difficult to work in and the homes don't lend themselves to easy modifications (huh?, do they only want easy jobs?)Julio and Izzy met with my wife and I, we went over the HVAC systems and we added a air cleaner in addition to a much more advanced filter. Also, they created two zones controlled by Nest thermostats. We didn't realize how bad our heating system was until SW installed our system and it has been like a different home since then. My wife wanted the A/C and although this isn't the right season for it, we'll be ready for it next summer. It was Julio who went into our attic and found a great way to route the copper tubes to the A/C condenser through our home without having to risk it being routed over the roof to the second story. It looks very good.Julio has been nothing but professional and courteous. What I really like is his personal responsiveness. Many times the head of a company will give you their cell number for texting but 9 times out of 10, they never respond to texts. Julio responded to every text in a timely fashion and never forgot what he promised. That is very rare and my wife and I have dealt with many contractors in the past. Their crew is hard working  (Joney, Francisco, Johnny, Alex, Alfonso) and will try and stay past quitting time to resolve things before they go home. They are professional, tidy, and lwill eave your home better than before. I would add that whenever we use contractors, get involved so you know what to expect and aren't surprised later.

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Heating Repair Lakewood

If your heater stops working this winter, you need a Lakewood heating repair company to provide immediate assistance. At Southwest HVAC, we understand how to fix all heating system issues. Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, ductless mini-split, or any other type of heater, we're here to help!

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Lakewood Heating Repair Services

Our Lakewood heater repair service has long been the city's most trusted team of HVAC specialists. We use advanced diagnostic assessments to determine what is causing your heating system's problems. By finding the root cause of any heating issue, we offer permanent repair solutions that keep our clients happy!

The sooner you contact our heating repair team in Lakewood, the quicker we can fix your heating issue!

Lakewood Furnace Repair Services

Furnaces are effective and durable heating appliances – and they're popular with many Lakewood residents. If you're searching for a heating company that has expertise in fixing all types of furnaces, please call our office today. We can also help you troubleshoot problems over the phone if you suspect you have a minor problem!

Heater Repair Financing in Lakewood

A broken heater can cause numerous problems. Many people avoid repairing their heating systems because they're scared of a large repair bill. At Southwest HVAC, we provide transparent and affordable pricing to all our Lakewood clients – and we never charge anyone for quotes.

Still, if you're finding the cost of a heating repair service too high, we provide finance solutions that can help reduce your upfront financial burden. We partner with the state's most reputable lenders to offer low-cost financing solutions to our clients. Contact our Lakewood office today if you have any questions about heating repair financing!

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If you're ready to access the most reliable heater and furnace repair services in the Lakewood area, please call Southwest HVAC today! We're firmly committed to making heating repair services accessible to all Lakewood residents and business owners. We take the hassle out of repairing your Lakewood heating system!

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