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5 star ratingBottom line, you will be extremely satisfied using Southwest HVAC for a new HVAC installation.  Now for the details...My HVAC went out 2 weeks ago.  My wife and I discussed repairing the unit, but at 19 years old, it was wiser to replace it.  Given the huge cost with replacing an HVAC, we had 5 "near-peer" contractors come and provide quotes.  Below I'll cover Southwest HVAC from the quoting, installation, and service perspective.Quoting:Angel is awesome.  Of all the folks that came out, he was by far the best.  He actually went into the attic, took measurements, drew up the house while he was still here... and provided a quote immediately.  Three of the other companies did not provide anywhere near this level of professionalism and attention to detail when quoting.  In the end, the quoting and service that Angel provided was exceptional.  Oh, and the quote was (in my opinion) very reasonable.Install:Our family decided on installing a 4 ton packaged TRANE.  The gents (Edwin, Alex, Eduardo, Miguel, Antonio, and Angel) all showed up 20 minutes before the designated time (for both of the 2 days they were here.)  They did a walkthrough and got right to work.  They removed my old HVAC, prepped the area, had the HVAC removed and replaced, extremely efficiently.  The install in the houes was also done with great care.  Miguel actually held a big bucket to ensure all debris was captured as new holes were cut.  The guys treated my home with respect, wearing booties, covering items with plastic, and putting down blankets.  I'm pretty OCD, but they were on top of it.  Honestly it was a very efficient and effective installation!Service:From quoting through installation, the guys were great.  Phone calls, texts, emails, you name it - they were on top of it.  I enjoyed speaking with the guys while they worked, and I appreciate that they allowed me to stalk them (sorry Alex!) as they explained so many different things to me.  I feel like I'm 10% qualified to do my own install now!  Truly... I believe you will not be disappointed with this company.  I highly recommend them, and should a need arise in the future (like for the grandparents house), we *will* use them again.Thank you Southwest HVAC!

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Kevin B.

Heating Repair Lakewood

If your heater stops working this winter, you need a Lakewood heating repair company to provide immediate assistance. At Southwest HVAC, we understand how to fix all heating system issues. Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, ductless mini-split, or any other type of heater, we're here to help!

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Lakewood Heating Repair Services

Our Lakewood heater repair service has long been the city's most trusted team of HVAC specialists. We use advanced diagnostic assessments to determine what is causing your heating system's problems. By finding the root cause of any heating issue, we offer permanent repair solutions that keep our clients happy!

The sooner you contact our heating repair team in Lakewood, the quicker we can fix your heating issue!

Lakewood Furnace Repair Services

Furnaces are effective and durable heating appliances – and they're popular with many Lakewood residents. If you're searching for a heating company that has expertise in fixing all types of furnaces, please call our office today. We can also help you troubleshoot problems over the phone if you suspect you have a minor problem!

Heater Repair Financing in Lakewood

A broken heater can cause numerous problems. Many people avoid repairing their heating systems because they're scared of a large repair bill. At Southwest HVAC, we provide transparent and affordable pricing to all our Lakewood clients – and we never charge anyone for quotes.

Still, if you're finding the cost of a heating repair service too high, we provide finance solutions that can help reduce your upfront financial burden. We partner with the state's most reputable lenders to offer low-cost financing solutions to our clients. Contact our Lakewood office today if you have any questions about heating repair financing!

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If you're ready to access the most reliable heater and furnace repair services in the Lakewood area, please call Southwest HVAC today! We're firmly committed to making heating repair services accessible to all Lakewood residents and business owners. We take the hassle out of repairing your Lakewood heating system!

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