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5 star ratingMy wife and I recently moved into a brand new home back in March 2019.  From the get-go, we had issues with the HVAC.  Right when we moved in, the AC wasn't working.  In the summer of 2019, it broke down again TWICE!  The upcoming winter of 2019-2020, we then had issues with the heater.  During each of these occurrences, we contacted our builder and they had the contracted company who installed the HVAC (Synergy Mechanical Services out in Plascentia) come out to make the fix.  During each occurrence, although they managed to get the system to get up and working again, they were not able to give me a "sound" answer as to why a BRAND NEW HOME with a BRAND NEW HVAC would break down NUMEROUS times in such a short time-span.  My wife and I just dealt with it and let it be.Then, in early May 2020 our AC broke down again!  We contacted Synergy, left numerous voicemails with the manager (Gilbert Ochoa) and did not receive any response until approximately 10 days later.  His response was basically, you're out of luck and on your own because your warranty expired in March 2020 (1 year after move in).  To be frank, my wife and I were pretty livid.  We purchased a newly constructed home with the expectation that we wouldn't have issues with maintenance etc. for the foreseeable future.  We felt as though Synergy was like a sleezy "used-car" salesman just brushing us off with quick fixes until our warranty expired.  If we would've known about how they treat customers down the line, we would've demanded they re-install a brand new HVAC after the 2nd or 3rd failure within 1 year of move-in!After arguing and complaining with our builder, they agreed to get another company to take a look.  That's where Southwest HVAC came into the equation.  Southwest was responsive, professional, and very easy to work with.  Ramon Chavez (Southwest) came over our place a couple days ago and actually diagnosed the problem with our HVAC and fixed it, and now it's running again smoothly.  He was extremely professional, polite, and tried to explain things in a non-technical manner.  He even brought and wore shoe covers whenever he entered our home without even being asked!  All in all, we are extremely pleased with Southwest HVAC, in particular with the company's responsiveness, emphasis placed on customer service, and attention to detail.  I only wish our home had been serviced by them from the get-go.

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AC Installation Culver City

At Southwest HVAC, we can install any type of air conditioning system for residents in Culver City, California. If your current AC is no longer working or you’re moving to a new home and require a brand-new climate control system, our Culver City installation technicians are here to help.

If you need a no-obligation estimate for Culver City AC installation services, it’s time to call Southwest HVAC and speak to our local AC installation technicians.

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While installing a new air conditioner might seem like a large challenge, it doesn’t need to be. By calling Southwest HVAC, you can streamline the process of upgrading your home’s climate control system. Our technicians will source the perfect AC for your budget and requirements – and they’ll work diligently to implement your new system.

Once the installation process is finalized, we will test your system to ensure that it’s ready to provide cooling benefits to your home.

Culver City Condenser Installation

In addition to traditional AC installation services in Culver City, we also have the capacity to install condensers for our clients. If you’re searching for a large, powerful AC system for your home, this is an excellent option. Contact us today to speak to an HVAC expert about condensers.

Culver City AC Installation Financing

For Culver City residents and business owners that need to finance the cost of installation, we have in-house options that make the process simple and straightforward. We understand that buying a new air conditioner can be a big investment, so we provide low-cost lending options that make a new AC much more accessible.

If you’re ready to talk to our team about our AC installation lending options, please call today – we’re always happy to answer questions for Culver City residents!

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Don’t hesitate to contact Southwest HVAC in Culver City if you need an HVAC installation service to implement a new climate control system in your home. We make the installation process simple, straightforward, and affordable for our local client base!

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