5 star ratingWe just had Southwest HVAC install a ductless system last week.  We met with Albert, the project manager, on a Friday. He came to the house, provided an estimate, and put my mind at ease about the project. This was our third quote, so we already had an idea as to the scope and expense of the project. Albert was knowledgable, personable, and was not utilizing any high pressure sales tactics, which would have been off-putting.After reviewing and comparing estimates, we decided that Southwest HVAC was the best value for the system specifications we wanted. Albert was able to get the job scheduled for the following week. However, his involvement did not end there. Albert was sure to check in throughout the installation, stopping by and calling, and he even called the day after the installation to make sure there were no issues. The installation lasted the better part of 3 days and we couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work or the technicians who came to the house. Edwin was great; he was courteous, good-natured, and obviously quite skilled. He brought two assistants with him over the course of three days: Paul and Kevin. Both young men were respectful and efficient. They worked diligently and took care to clean up after themselves throughout the day.  The installation went smoothly and according to schedule, which we appreciated.From start to finish, Southwest HVAC was a easy to deal with and this was a good experience. While we haven't had any super hot days since the installation, we are already enjoying the AC and feel confident that we are ready for summer. The units themselves look great, are quiet, and are a big improvement over what we had previously.

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Heating Maintenance Lakewood

Are you a Lakewood resident that relies on your heater to keep your home warm during the winter months? If you want to avoid a costly breakdown when you need your heater most, a heating system maintenance plan is a cost-effective and low-stress solution. Our heating technicians at Southwest HVAC understand the importance of proper heating maintenance routines.

If you'd like to schedule your first visit from one of our Lakewood heating maintenance experts, please call our office today to schedule an appointment. Our heater maintenance company is always ready to take on new clients!

Our Lakewood Heating Maintenance Approach

At Southwest HVAC, we believe the quality of a heater maintenance service lies in their approach to protecting your system. Let's explore the three-step approach that sets us apart from our competition in Lakewood:

1. Inspection: Our in-depth diagnostic assessment of your property's heating system can uncover hidden faults and performance issues. We always explore every component of your heating system before we proceed to the maintenance process.

2. Adjustments and Repairs: Once problem-spots are identified, we'll work diligently to make adjustments and repairs that restore the capacity and efficiency of your heater.

3. Post-Maintenance Testing: After all our repairs and adjustments are complete, we'll test your system to ensure that its performance is optimal.

Call Southwest HVAC today if you have any questions about our heating maintenance approach. We love speaking to potential clients in Lakewood!

Save Money This Winter with Heating Maintenance in Lakewood!

While heating maintenance is known for improving performance and preventing breakdowns, few property owners realize they can also save money on their energy bills by servicing their heating unit.

Heating maintenance can help you improve your system's energy efficiency. Not only does this help you reduce your property's energy bills, but it will also help you protect the environment and lower your impact on California's energy grid!

Protect Your Lakewood Heater Today – Request Our Heating Maintenance Services!

Don't wait until it's too late! If you want to protect the condition of your heating system before a major fault occurs, it's critical to contact Southwest HVAC as soon as possible. We never charge our Lakewood heater maintenance clients for quotes!

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