5 star rating5 stars because these guys deserve it.Tommy arrived on time and did a very thorough walk-thru with me. He then did something none of the other HVAC contractors I got quotes from did, he sat down and gave me a quote on the spot while talking through each and every point. He answered any questions I had and was generally very informative. Really stood out for me when comparing to other quotes I received.When it came time for my HVAC install, the team showed up and got cracking. They pumped out a full HVAC install (compressor, furnace, ducting, the works) in just three days! Johnny was ace on managing the team on-site while Tommy made sure to stop by every day or so to check in on status.After everything was installed, Johnny invited me up to the attic and showed me every piece of my new system and how it worked. We said our goodbyes and I enjoyed my first evening with fully functional central heat and air.It wasn't until later that night that I noticed my doorbell was no longer working. I hit Tommy up with a quick text and he said they'd fix it. Sure enough, Johnny and Brian were back the very next day. They did some troubleshooting, replaced some parts, and fixed the issue quickly.Seriously, these guys do top notch work and make sure to take care of their customers. It's not unusual for a contractor to finish the job and disappear immediately after, never to be heard from again. Southwest HVAC will not do that to you.

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Christopher G.

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