5 star ratingI can't give enough stars to Southwest HVAC!! Eddie came to my 1925 home and was able to see what was needed to get this place cool! My electrical panel needed to be upgraded, which was why I haven't gotten AC for the last three years in my home. But the heat is too much for me, I have moderate to severe chronic pain from a Spinal Cord Injury and the heat makes my pain levels soar. So Eddie made a few calls and was able to get an Electrician to come and upgrade my panel for a very fair price. Julio oversaw all of the HVAC work and his crew was fabulous! I had a couple of problems and Julio had them all sorted out in quick order. One issue was my ducting (which I had had replaced 1 1/2 years ago by a shady company) was not installed correctly. My HVAC unit could not pass the efficiency inspection. Julio had one of his workers come and seal all the ducting connections to make it all run efficiently. So, all in all, I had Eddie, the salesman, Julio, the main boss-man, electricians, HVAC technicians, a ducting specialist, and a dry-waller all coming and going being fantastic at every turn. At one point I had to go to an appointment and my dog, who knows how to open doors, got out. The guys went after him and brought him back for me! At one year old and 150 pounds that is no small feat!As a single, disabled mom it was nice to have honest polite men in my home doing an amazing job!A BIG Thank You to everyone at Southwest HVAC for making my home a cool retreat for me, my kids, and my dogs.  As a personal note, George had a great time meeting, helping and supervising everyone who came to our home to 'see him'!

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Michèle U.

AC Installation View Park

Installing a high-quality air conditioning system in View Park is simple when you choose Southwest HVAC. We have more than a decade of View Park AC installation experience – and we know how to keep our clients happy. We can also provide in-house HVAC installation financing to our local clients.

If you’d like to schedule an AC installation in View Park, we’re available at 1- 877-870-4822.

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If you want to install an air conditioner, but you’re worried about hiring an unreliable AC installation service, don’t worry – our team at Southwest HVAC has been successfully helping View Park residents for more than a decade. We have plenty of verified testimonials from past customers.

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If you need to install a large condenser for a central HVAC system, you can’t choose an amateur HVAC contractor. At Southwest HVAC, we can install all types of condensers for our clients. We can source high-performing condensers on behalf of our clients.

Air Conditioning Installation Finance in View Park

If you want to purchase a new air conditioning system, but the cost is making it impossible, our team at Southwest HVAC can help you source finance. We provide in-house financing solutions for clients that need to reduce the upfront financial burden of a new heating or cooling system. In doing so, we make installing a new AC much more accessible for many residents throughout View Park.

If you’re ready to discuss our low-cost financing options in View Park, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Southwest HVAC. We’re here to make the finance application process as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients!

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If you’re searching for the best AC installation services in View Park, California, it’s time to contact our team at Southwest HVAC. We understand the ins and outs of the AC installation process, which means that we can guarantee the quality of our work. If you’re ready to speak to our team about HVAC installation services in View Park, call 1- 877-870-4822 to ask any questions or request a free estimate.

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