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5 star ratingMy wife and I were in the market for a central air system we moved in to our house last year and we powered through last summer by using a portable AC unit in our bedroom and pretty much just staying in there all summer.  This year we new we wanted an HVAC system.  We had a few consultations come to our house and give us an estimate.  Then we found south west HVAC. Luis was our first contact he was the project manager and he was the one who came out to give us a our free estimate.  Luis was awesome he really put our minds at ease talking to us and giving us all the info and details we needed about the job.  If you're reading this Southwest HVAC give that man a raise! After talking to him we were super excited about getting the work done he gave us a very competitive price and all the extra work they included was much appreciated.  We bought our house from a company that flips old houses. They made it look pretty, but the longer we stayed we realized they did cut some corners.  They basically Mickey Moused our heater unit in the attic and didn't attach it properly, but Luis said they could take care of that along with a bunch of other stuff.  Fast forward to yesterday they came when they said they would. They finished when they said they would,  and they left our house without a trace of dust.  Also they worked the whole day with our dog barking at them from his kennel.  So props to the team.  I couldn't recommend this company more! Oh also one important note the price that Luis gave us from the estimate they gave us from the start was the same price they charged at the end.  No changing at all.  We really we're blessed by that!  Thanks again guys!

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Ductless Mini-Splits Downey

If you’re looking for a compact and effective HVAC unit that doesn’t waste energy, a ductless mini-split is a first-class option. At Southwest HVAC, we’ve helped countless Downey residents take advantage of these affordable HVAC appliances. Call our office today to access ductless mini-split repair, installation, or maintenance!

Downey Ductless Mini-Split Installation

The ductless mini-split installation process is much simpler than implementing a large central system, but it’s still critical to use a licensed HVAC professional for the job. If you’d like a new ductless mini-split in Downey, we can help with every stage of the implementation process – from sourcing the system to installing it in your home.

We’re here to help you access the best ductless mini-splits in Downey. Call us today to get started!

Downey Ductless Mini-Split Repair

We can fix any ductless mini-split design or model. Our repair team is prompt, professional, and cost-effective. They’ll always choose the cheapest and most effective repair strategy for your HVAC unit. Contact us today if you need urgent repair services from our team at Southwest HVAC!

Downey Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance

Keeping your ductless mini-split in top condition can help you avoid HVAC repairs and replacements. We make it easy to maintain your ductless mini-split unit. Our team will form a schedule and visit your property on a routine basis. We simplify the process of servicing your HVAC system!

Downey Ductless Mini-Split Financing Options

While ductless mini-splits are popular for their affordable price tags, you can still use financing to purchase our ductless mini-split services. We understand it’s not always easy to pay for HVAC services upfront, so we have an in-house finance team that can help you spread the cost over multiple payments.

Would you like some more information about our finance options at Southwest HVAC? Please call our Downey office today!

Schedule Downey Ductless Mini-Split Services Online or On the Phone!

No matter which type of Downey ductless mini-split service you’re searching for, our team at Southwest HVAC is ready to take on the job. To get in touch with our team, you can either call our local HVAC shop or fill in our service request form online. We’ll never request payments or obligations for any estimates!

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