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5 star ratingOur experience with Southwest has been great! I work full time so I emailed them to setup an appointment.  Julio got back to me and I had an appointment for later that week.  The start of the visit was like all others (we'd had 4 other vendors out before), but what impressed me most was that after the walk through, Julio showed me photos of previous jobs, BBB ratings, and proof of insurance.  The cherry on top?  He wrote me a quote on the spot!  He also followed up with a typed up one via email the next day.  All other vendors sent their quotes later, some I even had to contact to get the quote.  You've got to love transparency in business!My husband and Julio both emailed and spoke on the phone to go over questions.  By that weekend we decided to go with Southwest and by the following weekend we had central air and heat.  Yay!  It was THAT quick!Julio's team did a great job.  They worked hard, kept our place clean, were thorough and friendly, and finished earlier than planned.  They walked us through what they did when they finished and Julio also came by for a walk through and to ensure we were satisfied.  We were and are!I feel their prices are extremely reasonable (remember the amount of vendors we had come see us?), which includes proper permitting.  Since they're local, they know local code.  There are no hidden fees and their warranty/service is great.I wish I would have found Southwest first.  I probably would have gotten at least one other quote but definitely not as many as I did.  There's something to be said about building relationships and trust with your customers.  In Southwest's case, it says they end up with extremely happy customers!

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AC Maintenance Long Beach

Investing in a reliable AC maintenance service can keep your Long Beach air conditioner in perfect condition. At Southwest HVAC, we know Long Beach residents can’t afford to own an underperforming air conditioner. We make it quick and simple to spot problems in your climate control system and make necessary adjustments.

So, is air conditioning maintenance right for you? Let’s explore a few common benefits of hiring Southwest HVAC to maintain your Long Beach AC:

• We can help you avoid faults and breakdowns.
• We can improve the efficiency of your system.
• Maintenance can sometimes increase the lifespan of your AC.
• We can make adjustments that improve the performance of your air conditioner.

If you’re ready to request a visit from one of our AC maintenance experts, please call our office in Long Beach today. We’re here to make your life easier!

Long Beach’s Best AC Maintenance Service

There’s no better HVAC maintenance company than Southwest HVAC. Our years of experience ensure that we have the skills, tools, and expertise to help you protect your Long Beach AC system. We work diligently to inspect every component of your air conditioner before we begin making any adjustments.

We’ll also test your system extensively after we finish with our maintenance services. We never leave a Long Beach property without guaranteeing our client’s air conditioner is operating at its full capacity.

Affordable Long Beach AC Repair Company

In addition to our traditional maintenance services, our licensed team of AC maintenance technicians is ready to fix any underlying problems in your system. We can quickly repair and replace parts to ensure that you don’t lose access to your AC system. Our repair expertise ensures that you can conveniently repair components of your air conditioner.

Call Today to Begin Your HVAC Maintenance Journey!

If you’re ready to protect your HVAC system from performance issues, unnecessary breakdowns, energy inefficiencies, or any other problems, it’s time to call Southwest HVAC. We make it quick and simple to schedule your first visit from one of our HVAC technicians. We’ll never charge you for a Long Beach AC maintenance estimate!

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