5 star ratingSouthwest installed a brand new HVAC system in my new home. Now that it has been a few months and I've had the chance to test the heating and ac, quite satisfied with their work. Tommy was the main contact and he went over the whole procedure with me before I signed with him. I did look at other quotes but they were either too high or a bit too good to be true. From a work perspective it is all good.
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Air Conditioning Service in Lakewood

Southwest HVAC is delighted to serve the people of the wonderful Lakewood community. As a family-owned, local air conditioning company, we prioritize our customers at all times by putting your satisfaction at the forefront. Our insured and licensed business respects your budget by offering tailored, cost-efficient solutions. We guarantee your satisfaction and provide a 10-year warranty on parts and compressors for your reassurance. Our excellent service reputation is built on having the most reliable and knowledgeable air conditioning technicians. Reach out today to schedule a complimentary estimate for your residential or commercial AC project! We invite you to find out why we’re the premier Lakewood HVAC service.

Your One-Stop Shop for Air Conditioning in Lakewood

California’s warm climate and sunny skies are a delight, but they necessitate a dependable air conditioning system for optimal comfort. At Southwest HVAC, we understand the critical importance of a reliable and energy-efficient AC system – especially during the summer months when maintaining indoor comfort becomes paramount. The best way to keep your air conditioner running smoothly is to hire an air conditioning contractor who’s known for quality and timely service. Southwest HVAC is deeply committed to providing thorough air conditioning services that are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of Lakewood residents. Our goal is to deliver dependable solutions that keep your home cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient throughout every season. Trust us to handle all aspects of your air conditioning needs with professionalism and expertise!

Air Conditioner Installation

At Southwest HVAC, we approach AC installation with a detailed process that leads to optimal performance. We begin by selecting the best location for your new AC condenser, taking into account airflow and accessibility considerations. Our air conditioning service includes thorough site preparation to establish a level and safe installation area. We expertly install mounting brackets to support the unit securely. Precision in connecting refrigerant lines and electrical wiring allows for a seamless AC installation. Our skilled installation is tailored to efficiently meet your cooling needs long-term.


Thermostat Replacement

When it’s time to replace your thermostat, we assist you with selecting the ideal model that suits your requirements with an emphasis on efficiency and compatibility. Our expert installation promises precise configuration, straightforward comfort regulation, and energy-saving benefits for your home.

Thermostat Calibration

Thermostat calibration provides accurate temperature readings and proper function by verifying settings and recalibrating if needed. This maintenance task is essential for effective cooling, efficient heating, and enabling your HVAC system to respond accurately to your desired comfort levels.

Thermostat Wiring Issues

Issues with thermostat wiring can interrupt HVAC functionality and cause imprecise temperature management. Our team addresses wiring issues promptly, confirming connections to prevent system disruptions and maximize thermostat efficiency for consistent comfort.

Thermostat Repair

Effective thermostat repair services allow for efficient system functionality and accurate temperature control. We troubleshoot and resolve issues such as programming errors or malfunctioning sensors to restore your thermostat’s functionality. Repairing your thermostat rather than replacing it can be cost-effective when minor issues affect an otherwise functional unit.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats like Nest models offer convenience with remote temperature control via apps that learn your habits for efficient heating and cooling. They save energy by modifying settings when you’re away or sleeping, offering usage insights that make them a wise choice for contemporary residences.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats offer scheduling flexibility to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort. Opt for Southwest HVAC for tailored installation that meets your needs. Our installation service enhances thermostat efficiency to maintain precise temperature control in your entire home.

Air Conditioner Repair

Our Lakewood HVAC repair services stand out for their excellence, with skilled technicians dedicated to maintaining your AC system’s smooth operation. We also offer emergency support for any unforeseen AC problems. We’re happy to be at your service whenever you need us – day or night.


We start every air conditioning repair with a comprehensive inspection. Our diagnostics process is thorough and meticulous, checking components like the compressor, condenser coils, and electrical connections to pinpoint issues affecting your AC’s performance. This approach helps us provide accurate repairs to maintain reliable operation.

Resolving Airflow Issues

Swiftly resolving airflow issues is critical for maintaining efficient air conditioning operation and optimal performance. Inadequate airflow can strain the system, leading to uneven cooling, potential system malfunctions, and increased energy consumption. Our team utilizes comprehensive diagnostics to pinpoint and address issues such as dirty filters, obstructed ducts, fan motor problems, or other potential causes. Optimal airflow guarantees proper system functionality, keeping your space cool and comfortable as desired while enhancing energy efficiency and system longevity.

Refrigerant Leaks

In dealing with refrigerant leaks, whether your system uses Freon or modern refrigerants, we start with comprehensive diagnostics to identify the source. We focus on sealing these leaks and recharging refrigerant levels to bring back peak cooling efficiency, making sure your system runs reliably all year long.

Run Testing

After completing any AC repair, conducting a run test is crucial for thorough assessment. This test verifies that components like the compressor, fan, and refrigerant levels are operating within optimal parameters. This confirms the repair’s success and maintains the system’s efficiency for maximum comfort in your home.

Water Leaks

Timely intervention with air conditioner water leaks is essential to protect your home and HVAC unit. Untreated leaks can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and reduced system efficiency. Our technicians conduct meticulous inspections to pinpoint leaks, repair any damaged components, and establish proper drainage. This safeguards your home and optimizes your AC’s performance.

Component Repair or Replacement
Coil Fins

The coil fins of your air conditioner enhance heat transfer efficiency by increasing the airflow surface area. Damage from debris or bending can restrict airflow and lead to reduced cooling efficiency. Our technicians examine and straighten or replace damaged fins, ensure unimpeded airflow, and verify optimal heat exchange to uphold your AC system’s top performance.

Fan Blades

Air conditioning units are crucial for distributing air across the AC system to facilitate cooling. Problems such as imbalance, motor wear, or bent blades can hinder system effectiveness and airflow. Our technicians assess and adjust fan blades, replace any worn or damaged components, and check alignment to improve airflow and boost system performance.

Circuit Board

The circuit boards of air conditioners control tasks such as temperature regulation and system operation. Problems like component failure or electrical surges can disrupt these functions, resulting in total system failure or irregular operation. Our Lakewood air conditioner repair technicians diagnose circuit board issues using advanced testing methods and repair or replace faulty components to restore proper functionality and performance.

Evaporator Coil(s)

The evaporator coils in your AC unit play a vital role in absorbing heat from indoor air, cooling it, and then circulating it throughout your home. Challenges like coil corrosion, refrigerant leaks, or dirt buildup can impair efficiency and cooling performance. Our technicians will assess and cleanse the coils, repair any leaks, and replace worn coils as needed to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Blower Motor

In air conditioning systems, blower motors are pivotal for circulating air through ducts to regulate indoor temperatures. Common issues include motor wear, electrical problems, or debris buildup that hinders airflow. Our Lakewood air conditioning repair specialists carefully diagnose blower motor issues and resolve them with repairs or replacements to regain efficient air distribution and sustained home comfort.


AC belts play a critical role in transferring power from the motor to the compressor or fan for effective operation. Over time, belts can deteriorate, crack, or slip, resulting in inefficient cooling or system malfunction. Our team checks belts for wear signs and replaces them when necessary to uphold efficient AC unit function.


The compressor in an air conditioning system is crucial for moving refrigerant and expelling indoor heat. Refrigerant leaks or mechanical failures can impede its function, causing subpar cooling. Our technicians conduct thorough tests to identify compressor issues and then repair or replace them to regain reliable and efficient system performance.

Capacitor and Contactor

Contactors and capacitors are indispensable components of air conditioning systems, facilitating the activation and operation of motors and compressors. Problems like worn-out capacitors or burnt contact points can lead to system malfunctions or failure to start. Our specialists accurately diagnose these issues and replace faulty capacitors or contactors to restore smooth operation and reliable performance.

Condenser Unit

The condenser unit in your air conditioner releases heat absorbed from indoors to the outdoors. Issues like coil obstructions, fan motor issues, or refrigerant leaks can hinder heat transfer efficiency. Our service team diagnoses and addresses condenser unit issues, clears blockages, seals leaks, and replaces faulty components to improve cooling performance.

Addressing Noises

Identifying unusual noises in air conditioners requires careful assessment due to the diverse range of potential issues that can arise. Noise can derive from loose parts, compressor malfunctions, faulty fan blades, issues with the motor, and more. Our team performs meticulous inspections to locate the exact source of the noise, carry out necessary repairs, and restore your system to quiet, efficient operation. We’ll get your system operating quietly and efficiently once again.

Air Conditioner Replacement

When it comes to AC replacement, Southwest HVAC emphasizes efficiency and honesty. We advise replacing your unit only when repairs become more expensive than replacement or when your current system has exceeded its usable lifespan. We carefully assess factors such as your unit’s cooling capacity, age, and energy efficiency to guarantee that any replacement meets the specific cooling requirements of your business or home and maximizes energy savings. Our AC service provides expert guidance and transparent recommendations focused on enhancing your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Fan Motor Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the fan motor is crucial when you want your AC to operate properly. This includes lubricating moving components, inspecting for wear or damage, and verifying secure electrical connections. Proper maintenance promotes efficient airflow, reduces the chances of motor issues, and extends the lifespan of your AC unit to keep your home comfortable and cool throughout the season.

Refrigerant Level Checks

Regular inspections of refrigerant levels are key to keeping your air conditioner operating smoothly. Adequate refrigerant levels promote efficient cooling and prevent excessive strain on the system. Our comprehensive maintenance service involves checking for leaks, topping up refrigerant as needed, and monitoring pressure levels to uphold peak performance and prolong the lifespan of your AC unit.

Air Filter Replacement

Regularly replacing your air filters is an easy, quick, and forward-looking approach to maintaining clean indoor air quality and efficient operation of your air conditioner. Clogged filters restrict airflow, making the system work harder and reducing cooling efficiency. Changing filters as recommended by the manufacturer promotes proper airflow, enhances system performance, and helps prevent potential breakdowns from blocked filters. It can even extend the life of your AC!

Seasonal and Routine Tune-Ups

Seasonal and routine maintenance are crucial for maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioner. A comprehensive AC tune-up involves inspecting thoroughly, cleaning coils and filters, checking refrigerant levels, and addressing potential performance issues. When you opt for Southwest HVAC for your AC maintenance, you receive dependable performance, prevent expensive repairs, improve energy efficiency, save money in the long run, and maintain consistent indoor comfort.

Ductwork Inspections

Regular ductwork inspections are a great way to maintain efficient air conditioner performance. During these inspections, we look for blockages, leaks, or damage that could restrict airflow and diminish cooling efficiency. Detecting and addressing issues promptly helps maintain consistent indoor comfort and prevent energy loss. Well-sealed ducts deliver optimal airflow throughout your home, enhancing the effectiveness of your AC system.

System Performance and Energy Efficiency Checks

Regular evaluations of system performance and energy efficiency are crucial for empowering your air conditioner to perform optimally. These evaluations include assessing airflow, checking refrigerant levels, calibrating the thermostat, and evaluating overall system function. By detecting and resolving issues promptly, you can enhance cooling efficiency, reduce energy expenses, prolong the lifespan of your AC unit, maintain home comfort, and increase energy savings.

Condenser Coil & Evaporator Coil Cleaning & Inspections

To maintain the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner, it’s crucial to keep your condenser coils clean and free from debris. As time passes, these coils gather dirt and debris, which greatly increases energy use and lowers heat transfer efficiency. Cleaning involves removing debris, gently washing coils, and checking for proper airflow. This crucial maintenance task not only helps extend your AC unit’s lifespan, but also prevents potential issues, ensuring optimal cooling capacity and consistent comfort during the hottest weather.

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