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5 star ratingHaving endured a parade of vendors providing estimates for a "cut-in" HVAC installation (completely new installation including duct work) I can provide my a high recommendation for Southwest HVAC.  Julio and the folks at Southwest were exceptional.  I am extremely happy with my installation.  The process was smooth.  Good pricing.  No harassing sales pitch.  The installation was fast and clean, and the team was accommodating in many ways, including scheduling.  They treated me and my home with the utmost respect and promptly responded to all my concerns/issues.  One caveat, review, re-review, and re-re-review your paperwork and work order to make sure everything is correct before it's installed; and verify everything after it's been installed and before you sign off on the installation.  I did have to ask them to correct a couple items to be sure that what I negotiated was what was installed.  But they quickly remedied the problems and honored their agreement.  Overall I got the feeling that their focus was on two things, making me a satisfied customer and upholding their reputation. A couple things I've learned during this whole process.  Be leery of special incentives like through Costco and other stores where they refer you to a place promising to get you some money back.  These were by far the highest quotes - like unbelievable, "get out of my house now you criminal" kind of estimates.  And when you say "no thanks" (if you can manage to get them out of your home) you can anticipate additional calls, many of them, trying to get you to sign on.  Also, twice during this process (from different companies) I was told "oh that guy, he was fired for giving high estimates".  Oh really?  And if a salesman comes into your house and can't tell you the SEER of a system and says that AC systems are "like cars, there's just model years, it's a 2015, trust me, you'll be happy with it"; well, after noting their license plate and making sure your security cam captures their face, you should very politely scoot them out the door and change your phone number.  I would definitely shop around and do your homework, as you'll see how many shady operators there are out there.

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AC Maintenance Baldwin Hills

Keeping your air conditioner in top condition is essential if you want to avoid problems this summer. At Southwest HVAC, our years of experience in the AC industry have proven to us how important it is to correctly maintain your climate control system. We offer affordable and convenient AC maintenance solutions to our clients in Baldwin Hills, California.

If you would like a free estimate for any of our Baldwin Hills AC maintenance solutions, please dial 1-877-870-4822 today!

Baldwin Hills AC Maintenance Company

At Southwest HVAC, we’ll send an AC maintenance technician to your home to overview your entire system. We have experience with all types of climate control systems. After a thorough inspection of the AC system, we can make repairs or adjustments that will improve the performance of your system.

Additionally, we can spot problems before they turn into severe faults. This can help you prevent unwanted breakdowns.

Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance Service in Baldwin Hills

If you’re planning on investing in an AC maintenance service, it’s essential to choose a company that values affordable services. If you spend too much money on an AC maintenance visit, it might not offer good returns on your investment.

At Southwest HVAC, we are firmly committed to offering excellent AC maintenance prices. This ensures that our clients have access to high-quality services without breaking their budgets. Let us know if you need a free estimate for any of our HVAC maintenance solutions!

Why Choose Southwest HVAC for Baldwin Hills AC Maintenance?

• We have more than a decade of HVAC maintenance experience in Baldwin Hills.
• We’re a locally owned business that is committed to our service area.
• Our AC maintenance crew is licensed and insured.
• We offer viable maintenance solutions that extend the lifespan of your system.
• We can offer pre-scheduled visits for our AC maintenance clients.

Call Us for No-Cost HVAC Maintenance Quotes in Baldwin Hills!

If you’re searching for a Baldwin Hills air conditioning maintenance service to help you improve your HVAC performance and quality, it’s time to call Southwest HVAC. We understand how to provide effective and affordable AC maintenance services to our clients. We’re available to provide free quotes at 1-877-870-4822.

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