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5 star ratingYeah! My AC Unit is finally complete! So I wanted to update my review once my unit was completely finished and passed inspection. I also wanted to update my review with how the company ended up handling my account. As mentioned in my last update, many things were a mess and I had a new person working on my account with Southwest. The new person's name is Eduard who I have to say did an excellent job! Like I mentioned before, when he took over the account, he made sure to maintain communication (which I think is really important) and he was very on top of things when it came to setting appointment times and issues I had with the scheduling department (referring to the lack of phone call I was supposed to receive to get a fix done for the 2nd inspection). He also handled dealing with the city I live in which I greatly appreciate since I had tried to set my first appointment myself and hated even dealing with the city since their employees are amongst the worst I've ever spoken to. He even sorted out an issue that ended up occurring with my last inspection when the inspector wanted to show up at the opposite time of what we had requested. I was very glad to see that the company is very quick to fix issues that come up. I later found out that basically, the company has a lot of trust in their employees and expect them to do their jobs and at a high standard. When my permit issue came up, it opened a can of worms but  the company seems to have been able to reorganize and resolve those issues. I'll give it to them that they did  great and fast job with this since I feel like I saw the difference after. I started to see my appointments scheduled faster, better communication and updates on what was going on, and I didn't have to worry about if an appointment would actually be set when I was told it would be. I had requested to speak to someone in upper management and Eduard got me in contact with Julio immediately. I first spoke to Julio over the phone. He was very courteous and listened to what my issues were. I explained to him my end goal and he promised to take a look at my account to see what had happened. He let me know he would be in contact with me again after my next inspection which was a week from then and I agreed to wait for that contact. Today, the inspector came out and like I said, there had been an issue with them trying to come out earlier than what we had requested. Eduard not only got in contact with the city but also directly with the inspector who thankfully agreed to come out later. We happily passed inspection this time and I was immediately contacted back by Julio in regards to my account. In summary, Southwest ended up having to bring my entire heating and ac unit up to date even though they only installed an ac. This meant fixing a drainage issue that occurred because the previous owners of my residence took out the original ac drain and never put  a new one back in when they remodeled. They also helped me with filter issues and piping issues that the actual unit had. Julio was able to go over and show all the permits that were pulled and given for the unit. He also confirmed with me the warranties that come with their ac unit which I'm very happy with since they make sure to come out and service the unit for a year after the installation. What really impressed me and why I have Southwest back at a 5 star is because my last contact with Julio was not just over the phone but he actually offered to come straight to my house and meet with me directly to discuss the issues I had before. He apologized face to face with me for the issues I had with the company and really assured me that the company has corrected the issues that I had run into. I do very much believe this since I saw a drastic difference between what happened right after my installation and after my complaints so now I confidently can recommend this company. I really do feel that after I made my issues known to the company, they made corrections needed to make the problems disappear and the speed at which they did this definitely impressed me. I feel like after the problems were solved, the company followed through and made sure I was happy with their work and the end result. I've also been reassured that they'll be coming out later on after the seasons change to maintenance the unit which I look forward to since I've never had regular maintenance done on my ac/heater units before.

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Ductless Mini-Splits Long Beach

Ductless mini-splits have made climate control much more accessible for many business owners and residents in the Long Beach area. Whether there’s a ductless mini-split in your home or you’re considering upgrading to this type of AC system, it’s essential to call Southwest HVAC if you need help with any ductless mini-split related services.

Our Long Beach Ductless Mini-Split Services

We make it easy to access all ductless mini-split services in a single Long Beach location. Check out our primary ductless mini-split solutions below:

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Long Beach

If you want to benefit from a compact and efficient AC system, we can install a ductless mini-split in any type of property. We make upgrading to a ductless mini-split as quick and pain-free as possible!

Ductless Mini-Split Repair in Long Beach

If you’re ready to fix a ductless mini-split problem, our team is always on standby! We’ll travel to your property, perform a diagnostic assessment of your unit, and then quickly begin to repair the root cause of any performance problems.

Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance in Long Beach

If you’re searching for a service that can maintain performance, improve energy efficiency, and protect the longevity of your ductless mini-split unit, our maintenance solutions are a cost-effective tool available to all Long Beach residents and business owners. We can help you inspect your system for hidden faults and avoid unwanted HVAC downtime!

Choose Ductless Mini-Splits for Effective and Affordable Climate Control in Long Beach

So, why are ductless mini-splits so popular with Long Beach residents and business owners? Let’s take a quick look at all advantages of installing this type of AC unit in your Long Beach home or small business:

• Low-Cost Appliance
• Minimal Installation Requirements
• Fewer Maintenance Requirements than Central HVAC System
• Durable, Long-Lasting Designs

Call Southwest HVAC for Free Ductless Mini-Split Estimates in Long Beach!

The full advantages of a high-performing ductless mini-split are only a quick phone call away. If you’re ready to enjoy everything our AC team can offer your family or small business, please contact our Long Beach office. We’re always prepared to take on new ductless mini-split projects!

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