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These Uncommon AC Repairs Might be Your Problem Right Now

Your air conditioner is the center of your home’s comfort. Without it, you have a pretty rough time staying comfy–and sometimes, it runs into problems that you might not expect. Frankly, few people ever think these things can even happen to their air conditioner, which is why we’re here to lift the veil and show you exactly what uncommon issues can result in the need for Huntington Beach air conditioner repair.

Your AC Pad Sinks Into the Ground

Your air conditioner sits on top of a concrete pad outside. It’s there because your air conditioner cabinet–the outside portion of your AC–needs to be level and have a secure place to stay. If it’s not level, it can lead to water runoff issues where it doesn’t travel through the condensate drain line tube that it’s supposed to. It can also impair other operations.

While the pad seems like a simple issue, it’s a bit harder to replace than you might think. If you notice that your AC is pulling on its connections or sinking into the ground, it’ll likely begin to cause problems soon if it hasn’t already.

Rodents Eat Through Your Ductwork

Nobody wants to picture scurrying little feet in the attic, but it can happen. Even if one lone mouse gets into your home in the middle of a bleakly cold winter, it’s enough to compel them to eat through your ductwork so they can get to the warm air inside.

Once they get into your ductwork, it’s a real pain to get them out again. They cause long-term damage to your ductwork and it needs to be repaired because at the very least, warm air is now leaking into your attic. It’s being dumped there instead of reaching the target, which would explain why one or two rooms feel colder than others even when you know the heater is on.

Yes, we’re talking about your air conditioner here, but the ductwork is part of the AC and it shares usage with your heater as well. That same warm air leak will turn into a cool air leak when summer finally rolls around again, and either way, it’s costing you money.

Water Damage to Your Home

That’s right–your air conditioner can actually cause water damage to the rest of your home. Sounds like a stretch, but hear us out: when your AC backs up with water as a result of a condensate line clog, that water has to go somewhere. Then it ends up backing up and causing havoc. Water damage can result in:

  • Electrical damage: Water and electricity don’t mix–depending on where your AC is located, water can impact nearby electronics.
  • Mold growth: It doesn’t take long for mold to grow and impact your respiratory health. Not to mention the property damage that stems from it.
  • Home instability: Water damages wood more than you might think. You can have structural problems with enough water damage.

AC? More Like TLC

If your air conditioner has run into any of these issues, then you need to call for repairs as soon as possible. They may seem like they’re not that big of a deal, but they can lead to massive issues and setbacks for your air conditioner, and your home comfort as a whole.

Contact Southwest HVAC today to schedule your air conditioner repair as soon as possible.

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