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These HVAC Services Can’t Be Ignored

Your HVAC system is an amalgamation of working parts that work in tandem, so when there’s a proverbial wrench in the gears, it impacts the whole system. That’s what we want to talk about today–HVAC services in Long Beach that are so important, you can’t ignore them and just get to them later. They need attention now.

Regular Annual Maintenance

If you haven’t had a maintenance appointment in a while, it’s time to make the call and set one up. Sometimes referred to as a tune-up, this appointment is when your technician is able to lubricate moving parts in your HVAC system, clean sensors that might be dirty or blocked in some way, and inspect your system as a whole so they can tell if there are any upcoming issues they can see popping up.

Maintenance may feel like an inconvenience, but it’s how you ensure your HVAC system lasts for as long as possible. Instead of replacing it years earlier than you’re supposed to and running up bigger bills than you should be, keep those maintenance appointments. They go a long way.

Air Filter Replacement Every 30-90 Days

Your air filter is critical to your HVAC system’s performance, and if your air filter is clogged enough, it can even stop it from running. That may seem like a stretch, but think about the fact that your HVAC system is a forced-air unit. It needs that influx of fresh air to run properly, otherwise you run into problems that impact the whole system.

You can replace your air filters, and you should be every 30-90 days. This depends on use and you can use your own discretion, but if you put a clean filter up against your current HVAC filter, side-by-side, you’ll see how much these filters really capture.

Accumulation of dust and debris restricts the airflow coming into your system, hindering its performance and making it work harder than it needs to. Set a once-monthly reminder to check your air filter and change it out as needed.

Air Duct Sealing

When you spend money to run your AC, it cools the air that it pulls in, and disperses it throughout your house. Let’s say your AC is in top form and in perfect working order–you can still experience air loss that can force you to spend more money on cooling costs during every cycle.

If your air ducts are leaking, that cool air not only spills outside of the ductwork to a place where it doesn’t belong, but the air pressure within the ductwork lowers as well, reducing the efficiency of how this cool air reaches your vents. Duct sealing is something you only need once every 5-10 years, but if you don’t have a record of the last time it was done, it’s best to assume you’re overdue and schedule duct testing and sealing services as soon as possible.

Keep Your HVAC System in Top Form

With our maintenance services and other HVAC services that help you keep your system shipshape, you won’t have to waste money on leaky ducts or inefficient systems anymore. We’re here to help with every HVAC problem you could see yourself running into, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and contact us today to schedule services. We’re ready to help.

Contact Southwest HVAC today to schedule your HVAC services as soon as possible.

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