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How to Know if You Need HVAC Repair ASAP

Your home’s HVAC system is always under a certain load of stress, but it’s not always easy to determine whether or not it needs to be repaired. We’re here to help you with that.

We’ve handled a lot of Long Beach HVAC repairs and know exactly what to look for to identify a stressed-out HVAC system. This is how you can identify if there’s a problem before making a call in the first place.

Cooling Cycles Stop Short

You’ll have your AC on for plenty of months throughout the year here in Long Beach, so you’ll get used to the standard rhythm of how long cooling cycles take. When they take longer than expected, it will stand out to you in one way or another.

Your air conditioner should only take around 15-20 minutes to properly run a single cooling cycle. While this time slowly but steadily increases as wear and tear takes hold, there’s a point where it indicates an imminent problem or breakdown. If your cooling cycles take longer than 15-20 minutes, give us a call.

Your Heater Never Seems to Shut Down

You heat your home during the rare chilly days we have here in Long Beach, but your heater just seems to stay on continuously. This could be because it’s barely outputting enough heat to change the temperature of your indoor air fast enough.

If it’s just continuously running, that’s a big problem. Your heater might be on the downward spiral towards a breakdown, but it’s hard to say without getting a look ourselves. Call us today and we’ll figure out the problem and supply a solution before you know it.

You’re Not Satisfied With Your Home Temperature

The range that your thermostat allows should be achievable by your HVAC system, whether it’s heating season or cooling season. If you aren’t satisfied with your home temperature, it’s a sign that your HVAC system isn’t working as well as it should.

It’s important to note that it’s not 100% on your HVAC system, though. It’s important to update your insulation every couple of decades and make sure insulation is there in the first place. Sometimes homeowners can add extensions to their homes before selling them, and they don’t insulate them properly.

Check for insulation, rent a heat gun to look for leaks and drafts around windows and doors, and do what you can to keep temperature-controlled air inside your home. This may include eventually upgrading your doors and windows because if there’s an egregious amount of air leaking out of your home, your HVAC system is fighting a losing battle right from the start.

Let’s Get Your HVAC System Repaired

If it feels like your HVAC system just isn’t cutting it, you need our technicians before it goes into full breakdown. Give us a call today and let’s get to your home as soon as possible so we can. It’s time to stop spending a ton of money on your monthly heating and cooling costs with timely HVAC repairs.

Contact us today to schedule your HVAC repair as soon as possible.

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