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5 star ratingI bought an old house and went with Southwest HVAC to update it from the old floor/wall heaters to central heat/air.  Right off the bat Southwest gave me the best customer service experience by far out of the companies I had in to quote the job.  They were priced competitively.  They offer the option of Trane equipment which has very high ratings in Consumer Reports.  It also happened that they were available to do the job right away, as I only had a few weeks before I was moving in and wanted it done before then.Back to the customer service- Julio is the man.  He is super responsive and on the ball with communication.  He always got back to me promptly with answers to my questions both through email and phone calls.   He reformulated my quote multiple times as I asked for equipment brand and model # changes. I asked if they would put in a Nest thermostat instead of the quoted one, they did.  He was never impatient (and believe me I have tested the patience of some of the workers I've had in while I try to navigate updating things I know little about).  When we gave him the final go ahead he had a crew ready to start immediately and they finished everything in 2 days.  The job got done before my move in, even though I had pushed the work out researching what I wanted.  The work looks clean. The system works great and we're really happy with it.  In addition, they built a new sub-floor where the old floor heater was and patched the drywall where the wall heater used to be.  I need to hire someone to blend in actual flooring and smooth/paint the wall, but it was stated up front they don't do that kind of finishing work.  The final walk through was thorough and Julio made sure to show me everything they did while he explained it all.  He even answered questions I had about household maintenance that were totally unrelated to HVAC. (He showed me how to light the pilot light on my water heater, which it is kind of embarrassing to not know how to do that, but I have never owned a house before!)I was impressed with Southwest HVAC.  They are very professional and were great to work with.

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Heating Installation Torrance

If you’re ready to install a brand-new heater in the Torrance area, there’s only one local HVAC contractor that you should call – Southwest HVAC. With years of experience providing custom installation services to our Torrance clients, we’re the perfect company to contact if you have an upcoming installation project.

So, what are you waiting for? By calling Southwest HVAC today, you can unlock the best-priced heating installation services in Torrance!

Torrance Heater Installation Company

We’re the most dependable heating installation company in Torrance for a reason – we care about our clients! If you’re looking for an HVAC contractor that will guarantee the quality of their heating installation work, we’re the team for the job.

We always start by assessing your needs and requirements. Next, we’ll design and source the perfect heating system for your property. We can source any type of heater, from small ductless mini-split units to large commercial systems.

Once we decide on the perfect heater for your Torrance property, we’ll begin our installation work. We focus on providing fast and dependable turnaround times. We don’t want you to go another day without heating.

Once the installation process is finished, we’ll test your heater again to make sure it’s ready to go!

Torrance Furnace Installation Company

Many Torrance residents continue to choose furnaces to heat their homes. If you’d like a furnace in your Torrance home or small business, we can both source and install appliances for you. Our years of experience with furnaces ensures we can help you find the perfect option for your needs and budget!

Heater Installation Finance

If you’re searching for a heating installation company that has in-house financing options, our team at Southwest HVAC is Torrance’s best option! Unlike other heating maintenance companies, which often require you to seek outside installation financing, we help our clients access lending directly through our office.

So, if you’re searching for a heating installation company that makes financing the installation cost straightforward and convenient, we’re the best option in Torrance!

Choose the Best Heater and Furnace Installation Service in Torrance

If you want a heater company to install your new heater in Torrance, call Southwest HVAC for a no-obligation quote!

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