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Common Heat Pump Problems and What to Do

Heat pumps are remarkably efficient alternatives to a standard air conditioner and heater, but just like any other mechanical system out there, it’s not immune to problems. When your heat pump runs into trouble, it immediately disrupts your comfort and can sharply increase your energy bill.

The solution is usually Downey heat pump repair from our certified technicians, but it’s also important to know what to do immediately after a problem arises and what the repair process looks like. Let’s tell you what happens when your heat pump isn’t behaving the way you want it to.

Poor Performance

Your heat pump isn’t going to heat and cool the right way if it’s encountering problems. The thing is, it’ll still try its best, but it just won’t be able to heat or cool your home in an energy-efficient manner. That means you run into higher energy consumption just to have your heat pump struggle to reach the target temperature you set on your thermostat.

To find a fix, you can start by checking your air filter. You’d be surprised how many times performance issues are caused by restricted airflow. You should change out your air filter once every 30-90 days, depending on the frequency of use. If this doesn’t fix the problem, contact your HVAC technician.

Uneven Temps Across the House

Maybe your heat pump still works, but you have hot and cold zones around your home. It’s not changing the temperature evenly across your entire house, and that’s also a cause for concern. While this problem isn’t as straightforward (since your heat pump is still operating in some capacity), there’s still something you can do.

Start by checking all of your vents. Make sure they’re completely opened. Next, check for any obstructions that might be in the way. Debris and dirty vents can cause airflow problems, which is why you might feel air coming from one vent, but maybe it’s weaker than other rooms. That’s because of the increased air resistance from all the dust and debris.

It Can Short Cycle

Short cycling is one of the last problems you want for your heat pump. This means that when the thermostat sends the “ON “ signal for your heat pump to fire up, it turns on and then turns off again rather quickly before the target temperature is met.

That’s a problem because not only is your heat pump not doing its job properly, but there’s additional energy associated with turning on for a new cycle. That, and it has to run for longer to achieve the desired temperature goal. Unfortunately, short cycling isn’t something you can fix on your own–you need a technician for this one.

It’s Time to Fix Your Heat Pump

You know that your heat pump isn’t performing like it’s supposed to. Now it’s time to do something about it. We’re ready to help you as soon as possible so you can restore your comfort. It all starts with a phone call.

Contact Southwest HVAC today to schedule your heat pump repair as soon as possible.

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