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What Can Actually Go Wrong During AC Installation?

AC installation can run into a lot of problems. In fact, that’s why there’s a pre-installation appointment in the first place: to try and root out as many potential problems as possible and account for them.

But sometimes it’s the installation itself that runs into issues. Let’s talk about what can go wrong throughout the process so you know what to keep your eye out for as a homeowner.

Setting Up a Bad Drainage System

Your air conditioner pulls humidity from the air in your home. This keeps the relative humidity (RH) levels down so mold growth isn’t a problem throughout your home. It then takes that moisture it collects from the air, and it all lands on a drip pan.

The drip pan fills with condensation, which leads to a condensate drainage line. This is a tube that pulls water away from your air conditioner cabinet (the machine that sits outside your home). You don’t want that to flood because it can not only cause mold growth in the tubing (which leads to blockages), but it can pool around the cabinet and damage the metal or the surrounding area of your home.

When your installation technicians set up the drainage line, they should keep all the potential problems in mind. If your drain line is pooling water near your home or your system floods, they didn’t set it up properly.

Poor Thermostat Placement

Your thermostat is important, but do you know how it works? It reads the temperature in the air and then sends an “ON” or “OFF” signal to your air conditioner. The AC just listens to the thermostat, fully relying on it for accurate information so it can do its job properly.

So what if your thermostat doesn’t read the temperature correctly? This doesn’t mean it’s miscalibrated or broken; it could just mean it’s in a bad spot. It should be as centrally located as possible in your home so it can read the average temperature of the house a little bit easier. Having it in one corner of the house means it may not accurately send those “ON” and “OFF” signals until its corner of the house is impacted.

Air Duct Issues After Removing Old AC

When you pull the old AC out, the ductwork doesn’t come out. It’s disconnected from the old unit, but the ductwork still sits in your attic and throughout your walls. When you pull the old unit out, ductwork issues may be present that weren’t noticeable during the pre-installation process. It happens, and although it’s rare, your HVAC technician should be able to fix the problem in a jiffy.

We’ll Set it Straight Every Time

These problems can pop up, but with the right HVAC installers, they’ll be discovered and dealt with professionally. It pays to have the best AC installers on your side to account for every hiccup along the way to getting your new system set up. That’s what we’re here for.

Contact Southwest HVAC today to schedule your AC installation from the pros who’ve seen it all.

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