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This Little Sensor Could Be Why Your AC Stopped Working

Your air conditioner runs into repair problems every now and again. You may have heard about compressors, condenser coils, and even air filters being an issue. Parts get replaced, and a tune-up helps, but there are some components you may not be aware of. Some that can cause big issues.

Some folks need AC repair in Long Beach for this little sensor that works with your blower motor. It’s not the blower motor itself, but it can cause issues for it and your air temperature as well. Let’s help you figure out if it’s the problem or not.

Let’s Talk About Your Blower Motor

Your blower motor is responsible for forcing air through your forced air system. Your AC conditions the air and cools it, then it’s up to the blower motor to deliver the final products to and through your ductwork, and through your vents into your home.

It’s a pretty critical job, and one of the ways it achieves its goals is with a little sensor and a resistor. A resistor does what you’d expect–it resists the flow of electricity. This is important because your blower motor’s fan doesn’t need to run at 100% maximum speed all the time. In fact, it seldom runs at full power.

That Sensor Can Overheat

If the fan runs at 100% without stopping, and that happens during every air conditioning cycle, it creates a new problem. Inside the resistor, there’s a component called a heat sink. This little wonder pulls heat and stores it so the electrical components don’t overheat.

The problem is, it’s not invincible. It can’t handle the fan running at 100% maximum power every single cycle, which can cause it to overheat. When that happens, it warms up the air that the blower motor pushes out, effectively warming the cool air that your AC just worked hard to create.

Then you have less cool air going through your ductwork, which means your house takes longer to cool down. It’s a very niche problem, but one that can pop up.

How Do You Know if it’s the Sensor?

It’s very difficult to tell. Basically, if your air pressure is coming through the vents okay (and you have to check all the vents to know it’s not a break in the ductwork), that’s a good sign. When the air isn’t as cool as you’d like, it’s a sign that it might be the sensor.

However, it could also be a refrigerant leak causing your AC to freeze up, or a few other problems as well. This is something that’s very under the surface and hard to detect, but absolutely something you need to keep in mind.

One Little Sensor, One Big Problem

If that sensor doesn’t do its job, it can turn a molehill into a mountain. Let us diagnose your air conditioner, determine if that’s the issue or not, and help you out as quickly as we can so you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. We’re just a phone call away.

Contact Southwest HVAC today to schedule your air conditioner repairs as soon as possible.

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