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How a New Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Benefits Your Home


Your air conditioner is the star of your home comfort. But it also uses more power than anything else in your home (most likely). There are more energy-efficient options available, especially with the introduction of the SEER2 rating system in January of 2023.

If you don’t know how efficient your system is right now, air conditioning services in Orange County can help you get started with a new unit that consumes less power, and still provides the temperature you need to stay comfortable.

Less Wear and Tear Damage

With a more energy-efficient air conditioner, it doesn’t undergo as much strain. Because it’s using less energy to get the job done, it’s not wearing down components as quickly. Overall, your air conditioner can retain better efficiency going forward.

While this doesn’t promise a longer overall lifespan for your air conditioner (the average is 10-15 years), there’s reason to believe that these energy-efficient units will outlast their power-hungry predecessors.

Lower Energy Bills

Lower bills mean more money in your pocket–it’s likely the reason you’re interested in an energy-efficient unit, and there are savings to be had in more places than one.

  • Less Monthly Spend: Better energy efficiency means you’re not spending as much to run your AC. You’ll notice this in your monthly energy bills when they come through pretty quickly.
  • Fewer Repairs: With less stress and less runtime, your AC reasonably doesn’t go through the same trials and stress that a less efficient air conditioner does. This should manifest as fewer repair calls, though that only happens if you still keep up on maintenance appointments.
  • Less Full Replacements in Your Lifetime: Replacing an entire air conditioner isn’t exactly simple. It’s expensive and includes labor costs. The fewer you can replace in your lifetime, the better, and with better energy efficiency and a longer lifespan, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Better Environmental Friendliness

Less energy means less waste, and that directly relates to your carbon footprint. If you’re green-conscious and want to reduce your impact on the earth while we’re all just trying to survive, this is the way to go.

Upgrading to an energy-efficient air conditioner can reduce your carbon footprint by a lot more than you think. If you notice that your bills are slashed, you’re one cog in a large machine that helps lower total human energy expenditure.

This is where it’s important to understand the environmental impact of SEER2 and how it helps all of us. If you need more information, you can visit the official website here.

Energy Efficiency Now, Not Later

You need more energy efficiency now, not later. If you’re not going to upgrade now, you should plan your upgrade and save accordingly to get a better, more energy-efficient air conditioner. The average energy consumption in America is only going up from here–let’s cut out unnecessary energy expenditure where we can, starting with your air conditioner.

Contact Southwest HVAC today to schedule your air conditioner upgrade as soon as possible so you can start feeling the difference.

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