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Package Units in Long Beach, CA

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Packaged units are the perfect choice for homes and businesses in Long Beach, CA. They take up less space, they make less noise, they’re energy-efficient, and they’re modular. SouthWest HVAC provides packaged unit installations, repairs, and maintenance that’ll ensure their smooth and efficient operation.

  • Turnkey solutions to HVAC problems
  • The best service at the best price
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For packaged air conditioners, heat pumps, or heating installations, you can rely on our team for professional service at a quality price. We guarantee the quality of our work.

SouthWest HVAC provides unbeatable HVAC services at the best price. SouthWest HVAC provides unbeatable HVAC services at the best price. “We Know How To Make You Cool and Hot.”


What Is An HVAC Package Unit?

Packaged units are different from split units in that all the components are packaged together. Split units feature an outdoor unit that houses the compressor, a refrigerant coil, and an exhaust fan. The indoor component includes a blower fan and a second evaporator coil. A packaged unit packages all these components together in a single cabinet that is placed outside of the building and is connected via a system of sheet metal ductwork. The cooling and heating process is exactly the same.

Package Units Live Outside

With all the HVAC components installed outside of the space, this decreases the amount of noise that is heard inside. This is ideal for businesses that don’t want their tenants, employees, or customers to have to listen to a noisy HVAC system. They also take up less space and are usually mounted on roofs (which is why they’re often referred to as rooftop units). When package units need repair or maintenance, our technicians won’t need access to the inside of the home or business because everything is located outside.

Different HVAC Package Units

There are different types of HVAC package units. Packaged AC units house all the package AC components in one unit. Packaged heat pumps house all the package heat pump components in one unit and provide both heating and cooling. Packaged gas-electric units combine an AC with a gas furnace in one package-gas-electric unit.

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