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Leo E's Profile Image
Leo E, Yesterday

Finding a HVAC company is an adventure. Different technology, different models and different prices.

They say it is not really about the equipment, but the quality of the install. How do you know you can get a quality install? You don't, but if you make it a mandatory to have a permit then the installer will make sure they are doing it by code so it will pass. Then shortcuts are not taken. How do you know if your new system is working efficiently. By law you have to have a HERS testing to get a permit approval. HERS testing ensures your new HVAC is running efficiently.

How do you know who to choose? Eventually they will weed themselves out as you ask more questions. One of the bids I got ghosted as I asked for more specifics. Also, some might charge a lot for permit. Always ask for model numbers of equipment being installed to compare bids. Get at least 3 quotes.

Angel came in for a bid and he was the only person that actually measured my rooms. He gave me a heat pump bid. I had 3 others that were regular furnace/condenser. I got another quote for heat pump and South West was still lower. They also pass the rebate to me. I inquired about heat pumps which require an extra 240v plug. Angel looked at my panel and said my panel can accommodate it. What did other bids state? I need a new electrical panel.

A lot of installers want to stay with the old furnace systems since it is less complicated and require new knowledge of heat pump system. South West is installing newer tech heat pumps.

Ricky, Chris and Juanito worked for 4 days installing my new HVAC. They cleaned up after their work was done every day. I had it in my closet and installed new system in my attic. What use to sound like a jet engine in my hallway is now whisper quiet. Transito came in to do minor patch work and Antonio came in for permit approval. Inspector needed some minor things done and it passed after second inspection. Prior to this HERS testing was done and it too passed.

I'm very impressed with South West. They are efficient with time ( They had a guy come by to pick up my old HVAC instead of them having to leave site and drop it off). They also had a master installer come by to make sure it is done right. As a customer I see this as QC (quality control). Angel also communicated well via calls or text. He always let me know what is going on.

4 ton Daikin Variable Stage system | Daikin One+ Thermostat
New Ducts (Angel mentioned they hang the ducts which I was afraid some installers might not do).
Attic install
4 inch filter system
Surge protected disconnect.

Great company and great people.

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Brian Craney, Yesterday

Years ago, I had a mini split system installed by Southwest HVAC. The product and service back then was great and I used them again when I expanded my AC system with just as great service. Since then, they've been out for warranty and out of warranty service and each time, the team has been great. Even now, I trust Southwest HVAC to service the AC system in my home. The product selection is great and the pricing is, in my opinion reasonable and a great value.

Patricia Palmero Alvarez's Profile Image
Patricia Palmero Alvarez, This week

They were great! Polite, fast and inexpensive.
I highly recommend them

suzanne beltran's Profile Image
suzanne beltran, This month

Its was great ????

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Ariel Escobedo, This month

Thanks to Southwest HVAC, my leaking air duct issue was finally resolved. Southwest HVAC and their representatives, Tommy and Julio, and the technicians were professional from start to finish. The company offers financing options if you're interested. Unlike other HVAC companies I dealt with, Southwest HVAC explains the process of any repair work needed for your HVAC system.

Robert Cervilla's Profile Image
Robert Cervilla, This month

Great company, they are punctual, they have reasonable prices, and they are very knowledgeable about what they do. What more could you ask for from a company, I would recommend them to anybody.

Marley Berns's Profile Image
Marley Berns, This month

We had an amazing experience with Southwest HVAC. From the beginning, they were much more organized than other companies we looked at. They were able to come quickly and provided a quote within a few days of coming by. They came in a bit less expensive than two other companies we looked at, and took care of permitting which other companies were not going to handle. They did a great job with installation - they were punctual and completed the work in the timeframe we were told. They helped coordinate the post inspection with LA DWP as well. Would highly recommend working with them!

Tony Garcia's Profile Image
Tony Garcia, This month

Service was great. Technician was on time and was very knowledgeable. I will recommend southwest hvac to all my friends and family.

edgard alvarez's Profile Image
edgard alvarez, Last month

Had a great experience with this company! Omar was awesome, he kept me in the loop regularly after he figured out the problem with my heat unit and had the part ordered. Unfortunately, it was backordered, which wasn't their fault but checked in often to give me updates!

Mimi Hua's Profile Image
Mimi Hua, Last month

My parents' wall furnace broke and I got several companies to come out and review the situation. They all agreed that the wall furnace needed to be replaced. While Southwest HVAC was not the least expensive, I chose them for their service, the thoroughness of their diagnosis, and the knowledgeable conversations I had with them. Jamie was my main point of contact and he was wonderful. He was really caring and patient with my dad. Everyone I worked with was communicative and timely and very professional. I have zero regrets for having gone with Southwest HVAC, they exceeded expectations. They were also the only ones who mentioned the need for city permitting and took care of scheduling the appointment, met with the inspectors, and ensured we were correctly permitted. A+ all around!

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