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5 star ratingMy husband and I just purchased our home in Long Beach, and were unable to determine why our AC was not running prior to moving day.  We called Southwest HVAC for an appt and Hector arrived the next day, quickly trouble-shooting our attic furnace as the culprit.  Though a simple flip of the switch was all it took for cool air to flow, he checked over the furnace for us, replaced the dirty misfit filter, then inspected and thoroughly cleaned our AC unit.  At a time where stress is high and the money seems to pour out of our pockets, Hector and Southwest HVAC were a pleasure to work with and very accommodating to our tight schedule, especially in the middle of a heatwave.  We definitely got more service and expertise than what we paid for and will certainly call them for our future seasonal service needs.

Cat K. Avatar
Cat K.

5 star ratingWe just moved into our first home this past May. The HVAC system was new as it was part of our contingency to get it replaced. Everything was cool for the most part in the beginning but for the past couple of weeks I started to noticed the air flow not being as strong and not as cold even when the cool setting was at 60 degrees! Fast forward to this past Wednesday... I had enough and decided to Yelp AC repair. Southwest HVAC was the first to reply within 5 minutes and we set up the appointment for today, Saturday. Talk about speedy service!!! Anyway, Fabian - the HVAC Tech who came out to help save our lives during this heat wave was able to solve the issue within 10 minutes. He showed us where and how to change the air filter and recommended for a larger air return (kind of difficult due to placement of return). The fact that he was able to recommend solutions just displayed his knowledge. Our place is now suppper cool. Decided to sign up for the annual membership service to get our HVAC maintained by them. I mean you just have to keep your HVAC system maintained if you live in California. Definitely recommend this company especially Fabian! Thanks, guys!!!

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Jan M.

5 star ratingI've owned my home for 28 years and never thought I would need central heat/air since I live only 2 miles from the beach.  I would just suffer through a couple weeks each August and the rest of the year was mostly bearable with open doors and a couple fans.  However, the last three years have changed my mind as there have been many more weeks of really uncomfortable days and especially hot nights. Still, I thought the cost of a central system would be more than I would be comfortable paying for.  Then I met Angel Meza of Southwest HVAC at the LA County Fair.  Angel was very knowledgeable and I was instantly comfortable discussing my needs and considering him as the project manager on a possible heat and air solution. A couple weeks later, Angel met with me and provided several options for my home.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a complete central home HVAC system would cost almost half what I had always thought it would be. I met with several other HVAC company representatives over the next couple weeks.  Angel clearly offered the best option for my needs.  We agreed on the system and the work was scheduled for the next week.  I explained to Angel that part of my hesitation over the years was my childhood memory of how loud my family home HVAC system was.  Every 30 minutes or so, when the fan turned on, we had to turn up the TV!  Angel assured me that I would be happy with my new system.  I believe that he took additional steps to use larger plenums and larger ducting to ensure that my system would be quiet.  And wow, I can hardly tell when the fan is on!  The work was completed in the three days as promised and the installation was beautiful.  You would never know that it had not always been there.  Angel even worked with me to save my attic storage space by routing the duct system around the space that I wanted to keep open.  This took extra effort and time to route things in a less convenient way for the installers. He even had a light installed in the attic back where the main heat/fan unit was installed and included a switch at the entrance to the attic.  This was a really nice extra touch.  Finally, Angel arranged a separate contact who patched and painted the wall where the old floor furnace was removed and had his crew return to adjust my recessed ceiling lights that had separated from the ceiling a little from age and all the extra activity in the attic.  I cannot say enough about the wonderful service that Angel provided and would highly recommend Southwest HVAC to anyone thinking about installing a new system or having an older system replaced or serviced.

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Thomas F.